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We strive to make e-learning, homework help, online tutoring, and assignment assistance accessible to all students and parents. Hence we offer affordable and cost-effective tutoring and homework help services. That is why we started this educational platform years ago. That is how it works even now and will continue to be in the future.

The fees that you pay for every task are well spent. We follow stringent quality control and process improvement methods. As a result, we are always providing better value for money.

How do we provide affordable and cost-effective homework solutions?

We don’t want anyone to miss out on the immense benefits of focused learning, personalized homework help, and 1:1 tutoring. That is why we try to support students and parents and accommodate as many requests as possible. Here is how we achieve that goal.

Fair tutor fees

We constantly interact with and train our tutors about reasonable and fair pricing. Our experts understand the importance of helping you achieve top grades and academic success with our paying exorbitant fees.

Low commission

We have a low commission structure that doesn’t bloat up the final amount you pay. High-quality private educational help shouldn’t be burdensome. It is essential as we want our service to be within everyone’s reach.

Lesser expense on advertisements and marketing

We believe that “quality speaks for itself”; hence we get most of our business through word of mouth. We delight our students so much that they keep referring to their friends, family, and classmates. All this reduces our expenses to offer better online tutoring and homework help rates to our students.

How it is cost-effective for you?

Providing excellent homework help and educational assistance requires the expert to understand the task’s requirements very well. Each request is different from one others. Our experts pay close attention to the details and provide accurate solutions and valuable guidance. You will experience the following benefits when you use our service.

Quality plagiarism-free solutions

At My Engineering Buddy, we always focus on providing plagiarism-free and error-free solutions for assignments, lab reports, homework, and live sessions. It ensures a delightful and hassle-free experience for our clients.

Save precious time

We provide quick support and fast turnaround for the help you want. You can easily connect with the tutors and have excellent interaction with them. Moreover, that rework is rarely required as our experienced teachers are proficient in providing customized and accurate solutions.

Quickly meet deadlines

We are committed to helping you meet deadlines for assignment submission and exam preparation. The worst thing to happen is for you to miss a homework deadline or be ill-prepared for your quiz or test, and we ensure those things don’t happen to you when we are helping you with a task.

Pay reasonable fees

We charge reasonable and competitive amounts for project help, test preparation, private virtual lessons, and other educational help. It helps us engage long-term with students and parents and build successful partnerships.

Refunds and money-back guarantee

We want you to be delighted with our services. To support that effort, we offer a money-back guarantee or a partial refund of the fees for all the verified claims. In those rare cases that you are not satisfied with your results or grades, we want to compensate you for any human lapses or poor performances on our part.

Other benefits we offer

There are many other benefits that My Engineering Buddy offers.

Qualified tutors and brilliant teachers

You get the best teachers to help you with quick and detailed answers. The experts at MEB were themselves outstanding students. Your learning and assignments give you the best chance to score top grades. We have assembled teams of qualified educators to offer the most value for money.

Wide variety of subjects and skills

The experts at MEB clearly understand the curriculum and subjects of various educational systems and academic institutions worldwide. We also cover a variety of subjects and skills for which students regularly require help.

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