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From starting to help students with their assignments and homework over a decade ago to solving more than 85,000 assignments for more than 18,000 delighted customers, it has been quite a journey for My Engineering Buddy.

It is a testimony to the quality of service and the effort our experts put in helping you with quality solutions. Our mission is to make educational help accessible to students around the globe. Our growth is an indicator that we are heading in the right direction.

We have grown from a small group of physics tutors to a large group of experts in various subjects and skills. We now help students with engineering, science, commerce, finance, business, humanities, and many other subjects and skills.

From less than 250 assignments for 41 students in 2008, we helped 2134 students with 11875 homework and assignments in 2021. Our ratings stand at 4.96 at the moment.

We expanded the range of subjects and skills to 67 in 2022, up from just four subjects in 2008 when we started operations.

The My Engineering Buddy advantage

There are many benefits that My Engineering Buddy offers, and we believe these are the reasons behind our growth.

Quality plagiarism-free solutions

Our goal is to provide error-free, original, and plagiarism-free solutions for assignments, lab reports, homework, and live sessions done from scratch. We ensure it for every task we take up.

Broad coverage of subjects and skills

We have a team of tutors with diverse skills, domain knowledge, and experience. It ensures you can get all the help you require in one place.

Affordable fee structure

As mentioned above, we want to make assignment and homework help accessible to everyone. As a result, our fees are competitive and affordable while we produce the highest quality work for our clients.

Qualified tutors and brilliant teachers

My Engineering Buddy hires and retains the best experts for every subject. These teachers have been excellent students and have a lot of experience with them.

Time savings to focus on other academic demands

You may have to juggle your homework and other priorities in many situations, including some urgent and pressing academic tasks. In such a scenario, you would want help from a trusted source to maintain or boost your grades. My Engineering Buddy offers you peace of mind in those circumstances.

Successfully meet deadlines

As important as it is to submit correct solutions and quality output for homework and assignments, it is equally important to do so within the time allocated for the task. We help you not only meet but beat the deadline every single time.

Refunds and money-back guarantee

We are accountable for the quality we provide. In the unlikely case of unsatisfactory output, we partially or fully refund the fees for verifiable claims.

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