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My Engineering Buddy is dedicated to providing highly experienced and qualified tutors with excellent subject knowledge. We make it a point to check the subject knowledge before we check the educational certificates of an aspiring tutor. We have a rigorous testing method that ensures that only tutors with excellent subject knowledge join our team.

What does excellent subject knowledge mean?

Critical thinking and analysis mean a lot, and just reading the concept/theory/facts written in the book has no value. Excellent subject knowledge means the tutor can apply the concepts and solve/answer any questions from scratch. The ability to solve similar questions is inferior to the ability to solve completely different questions from fundamental principles.

For example, the whole of Mechanics in Physics is based on Newton’s three laws of motion. Rest everything is just math and its application. A good physics tutor does not need to check the book when the student asks a question because the tutor has understood physics so well that they can answer any question by applying the fundamental equations. 

Why do we value excellent subject knowledge the most?

Excellent subject knowledge is the foundation

It is the base on which an excellent tutoring service can be built. We can train a tutor for everything else, but gaining subject knowledge takes enormous time to improve. As a result, if a tutor lacks subject knowledge, we don’t hire that tutor no matter what.

Easy to understand explanations

only an expert can teach complicated concepts and solve complex problems in an easy-to-understand manner. Simplicity is a sign of excellence. Hence to quickly explain something, excellent subject knowledge is a must. Everything we have to learn comes from the knowledge and experience of people who worked on it before. We need to understand the logic behind anything, and things become much simpler to understand after that.

More efficient learning

A tutor with good subject knowledge does not need a long time to answer a student’s questions. Due to rigorous practice and critical thinking that they have done in the past, the tutor can answer almost instantly. Also, they can easily answer the silliest to the most complex of questions. This way, the student saves a lot of time. Also, vast knowledge allows a tutor to explain a concept differently so that students with varied skillsets and backgrounds can learn from them.

How do we ensure that the tutor joining us has excellent subject knowledge?

  • We hire tutors from top institutions (ivy-league)
  • The right mix of subject knowledge and ready-to-learn attitude
  • We thoroughly test them
  • We give them rigorous training

How do we ensure that our existing tutors update their subject knowledge?

Student’s & Management’s review

We consistently ask the students for their reviews, which tells us a lot about the quality of our tutors. Our management team also randomly reviews a tutor’s online tutoring/homework help sessions and sees whether they have excellent subject knowledge.

Inspire for constant improvement

Attitude and humility are everything when it comes to learning. Even a great tutor with excellent subject knowledge may become mediocre with time if they stop improving their knowledge. Instead of forcing them to learn new things, we inspire them to constant learning and constant improvement. We change their attitude towards learning. 

Good working environment

  • Good payments
  • We ensure they are not stressed out and get enough rest
  • Training to improve their mental and physical health
  • Rewarding good work
  • No internal politics
  • Considerate Management

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