In this blog post, we will see how technology is changing the dynamics of traditional education. 


Discoveries are being made at a rapid pace

Education is changing very fast as the speed at which discoveries are being made has accelerated after the penetration of the internet, data science, and new technologies. The old school education where the same book was taught for many years is no longer helpful. 


Knowledge is available freely online

The most current and relevant information is found online and not in textbooks. While the text is updated, printed, and becomes available to you, it becomes outdated. 

Almost all the information nowadays is available on the internet, and the schools and colleges have no advantage other than giving(selling?) degrees. People have begun realizing that knowledge is needed and not a degree. 



Lesser dependence on schools and colleges

Students no longer need to compromise with substandard school and college teachers. They can search for the topic they want to learn (on google and YouTube) and get a better explanation from a subject expert for free. 

All these have already reduced the importance of schools and colleges. And in the coming years, they will only become less significant in education.



Online education is driving the demand for good online tutors

As we discussed above, the dependency on schools and colleges will reduce, and degrees will not be as crucial as knowledge. As a result, more and more students will need private tutors because they will not have their school teacher explain something that they cant understand on their own. 

Due to the internet, you have the whole world where you can find a tutor. Why settle with a tutor in Las vegas who knows less, charges more, and ask you to come to their place! Instead, why not search for a tutor online, sitting in Mumbai who knows more, charges less, and doesn’t ask you to come to their place. 

Online tutoring is a crucial component of future education as it opens up the tutoring market to a much bigger audience (demography and geography-wise). Finding a tutor is no longer limited to your neighborhood or city. You can be sitting in Las Vegas and getting live private tutoring from an excellent tutor in Mumbai, and that too for a fraction of the cost you would have otherwise paid to a tutor of the same skill nearby.

No loss of commuting time, so you can spend quality time with your family and friends. And if the tutor is unavailable, you can search for another tutor. Why wait? Also, you get the option to look for a different tutor if you are not satisfied with your existing tutor.

In an online world, with unlimited choices of tutors, only the best tutors will survive. If a tutor lacks subject knowledge, you can quickly search for another.

All this will clean the present education system and make it more efficient. Mediocre educators(tutors) will be flushed out. Schools and colleges selling degrees will go out of business as the demand for degrees decreases. 

The number of tutoring jobs will reduce, but good tutors will survive. A majority of tutors will start teaching online. 

My Engineering Buddy understands this requirement very well, so we are constantly building a pool of excellent online tutors for quality online tutoring in all the subjects.




Due to the internet (google, youtube, etc.), students can learn anything on their mobile. Schools and colleges are only relevant because they are authorized to sell degrees. Employers want knowledgeable candidates instead of candidates who have a degree; this will make degrees redundant, and hence the traditional education system where you can go to a school, get a degree, and get a job will also become useless. You can browse the web to gain knowledge and to explain things you could not understand- you will need a personal tutor.

The future education system will reward self-motivated and self-learned individuals who want to learn something.

In the above scheme of things, personal tutors and trainers will become even more critical. Due to the wide range of options that the internet gives a student, only the best tutors/trainers will remain in the education business, and mediocre tutors and educators will be flushed out.