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The three critical skills that My Engineering Buddy looks for in a tutor are knowledge, speed, and accuracy.

Of course, there are many factors that we take into account before onboarding a tutor in our organization; these three are the most important ones.

Subject knowledge takes the longest to acquire, and speed comes with practice, provided the knowledge is already there. Accuracy has more to do with the attitude and desire to set high standards for oneself and the mindset of continually improving oneself.

Excellent Subject Knowledge

As mentioned above, subject knowledge is a non-negotiable skill in a tutor and requires the longest to achieve. Hence, we can’t train a tutor who does not have excellent subject knowledge. So if an aspiring tutor lacks subject knowledge, we outright reject them. It saves enormous effort and time that we might have wasted with the wrong tutor in the future. See our Excellent Subject Knowledge page to know more about how we ensure it.

High-Speed problem solving

Speed comes automatically and naturally with time; hence, experience matters a lot and is one of the most important factors we look for in an aspiring tutor. The more problems a tutor solves over time, the better they become, and they don’t waste time strategizing, remembering, and checking their work for errors. All this reduces the solution time and makes the tutor fast in solving problems or answering questions. Check the High-speed problem solving page for more info.


It is the ultimate goal. Who wants a tutor with excellent subject knowledge who can solve your problems quickly, but the answers are wrong! So tutor’s accuracy is vital.

Accuracy, as per our experience, is more of an attitude problem than anything else. We have seen excellent tutors making silly mistakes in solving problems and ending up with wrong results. We have also seen many good tutors who make mistakes because they are not fast enough to solve the problems, and when they try to solve at high speed, they falter and make mistakes.

My Engineering Buddy, with 15 years of experience, knows how a tutor or student can improve accuracy in solving problems. For details, check out our Accurate solutions page.

There are many other traits we seek in an aspiring MEB tutor, but these three are the most critical ones, which are non-negotiable when hiring a tutor.