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Never miss a deadline for your homework again with My Engineering Buddy!

The penalty for missing a homework/assignment deadline may be severe and cost you dearly with your grades.

We understand the seriousness of deadlines and do everything to ensure you get all the solutions on time.

Consequences of missing a deadline

Poor grades in your homework

Some teachers penalize you for even 1-second late homework submission, reducing your grades. This reduction varies from teacher to teacher and can be anywhere from 1% to 100%.

Stressful life

Missing a deadline means lower grades or a reprimand from your teacher, or both. In any case, your school/college life will become more stressful.

Redoing the homework

You may have to redo the homework assignment with a different set of questions as a punishment for being late, and that may cost you hours of your time.

Retaking the whole course

If you miss the deadline for an important assignment or project that constitutes a significant portion of your course grade, you may end up failing the course. Retaking the whole course can be absolute torture.

A bad reputation in the eye of teachers and classmates

Nobody likes people who miss deadlines. Not even your classmates. They will consider you to be a lazy person and may not be willing to associate with you. It will affect your social life.

If your reputation is terrible in your teacher’s eyes, you may get lesser grades than you deserve.

Lower self-esteem

The points mentioned above may lead to lower self-esteem. Lower self-esteem may negatively affect your performance in the class, in turn lowering your self-esteem further. It may induce a never-ending cycle that will be difficult for you to escape.

Negative impact on job opportunities

Frequently missing deadlines may result in lower grades, affecting your GPA. As employers give a lot of weightage to the GPA, you may end up with lower salaries and job opportunities.

Why are deadlines important?

We need to understand the importance of deadlines so that we can see deadlines more positively.

It teaches you the importance of time

Time management is an essential skill that will help you in future jobs and personal and family life. You will understand the importance of time by constantly working within clear-cut deadlines. Time is a limited and scarce quantity, and the sooner you understand its importance, the better.

It makes you more disciplined

When we know that the time left is limited, we cut down on all the unnecessary activities and become more disciplined.

It saves you from perfectionism

When time is limited, you will focus on completing the homework first and not wasting it on the very minutest details, which do not matter much. Perfectionism is good, but we need to stop somewhere, and a deadline tells you exactly when.

Removes procrastination

When you know that you have to finish homework within 24 hours, you will try to finish it within that time instead of procrastinating it for next week or next month.

It helps you prioritize and set targets

Deadlines help you get the work done and make you more productive. You are forced to prioritize your day, which usually helps you avoid non-productive activities.

It forces you to be more creative

Sometimes, when the deadline is not much, you find ways to do a job more efficiently and be able to focus better. However, please note that deadlines are not always helpful.

You develop time management skills

When you know that you have to finish 3 homework assignments in the next 24 hours and assignment 1 will take 2 hours, assignment 2 will take 1 hour, and assignment 3 takes 4 hours to finish, you know that 7 hours out of the next 24 hours are blocked for homework. Additionally, you may require 8 hours of sleep and 3 hours for daily activities. It leaves you with 6 hours of free time that you can allocate to see a football match or attend a close friend’s birthday party. Once you know that you can only give a certain amount of time to other activities, you become clear about what you can do and what you can not.

Some disadvantages of deadlines

It makes your academic life more stressful

Who wants to work on an assignment at 3 AM when the whole world is sleeping!

We all hate deadlines because of the stress that it induces, and stress is a poison that deteriorates one’s mental and physical health.

You may start hating the education system, and your school and college become a gloomy place for you.

Learning is compromised

Every individual learns differently. Setting the same deadline for everyone in the class is not justified. For some, the deadline may be more than required, but it could be tough to meet for many. The learning of those individuals gets compromised because of the “one deadline fits all” approach.

Compromise with your intelligence and creativity

You become a slave to the deadlines and behave like a robot whose only goal is to meet the deadlines! Your creative juices stop flowing, and your intelligence gets locked in a box.

How do we ensure that we never miss a deadline?

We train our tutors adequately on “never miss a deadline.”

Our Tutors know that missing a deadline is not an option in my Engineering Buddy. So they try to deliver the homework assignments well before the deadlines.

We say NO to unrealistic deadlines

We refuse when we see that the deadline is not enough for us to deliver high-quality work.

Constant follow-up with the assigned tutor/subject expert

We keep following up with the assigned tutor, so they don’t miss any homework deadlines.

Having enough expert tutors in our team as a backup

If the assigned tutor shows their inability to deliver the homework in time, we assign it to another tutor.

Stringent action on defaulting tutors

A tutor who misses deadlines is penalized, and we flush out the repeat offenders out of our system


Even after all the steps mentioned above, if we miss a deadline, we refund the fee to our students and give them credit for future work as a complimentary offer.

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