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Pankaj K

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I have more than 15 years of experience writing essays. I will do your Creative Writing tasks with satisfaction.

Neeraj K

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I am an expert in Creative Writing. To learn it or to get your homework done, WhatsApp me. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Manish A

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 91%
Accuracy 94%

My easy-to-understand and engaging tutoring style will make Creative Writing easy for you. I can also do your homework/assignment if you dont have time to learn.

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My scores in Creative Writing were usually average to poor. On my best friend’s suggestion, I hired a tutor from MEB. His teaching style was so good that my grades started improving only after 7-8 sessions. God bless you, sir! ❤️

Ahmad Almutairi

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What works for one student may not work for the other. Hence, a tutor needs to be able to cater to every individual student’s needs. A tutor must be able to teach the same subject using multiple methodologies and assess whether a student has fully grasped the concept. 

At MEB, we understand this at the core and live by this as our foundational philosophy. Our experienced tutors cater to your creative writing needs in-depth and in multiple writing formats. Our charges are minimal, but the service is exceptional!

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MEB can literally help anyone, from absolute beginners to advanced level students and professionals, with creative writing projects, homework, or even aspirant writers. Personalized one-on-one creative writing tutoring and homework assistance are available for college, university, and high school students.

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You could be the brightest student in your class, but somehow it doesn’t translate into your writing work. Honestly, it’s no shame that we have all been there, and that’s how we learned. The reasons could be innumerable, from a lack of support from faculty to hitting a roadblock and being unable to move forward with your writing. You may be approaching a deadline or not having enough time to complete your work due to your part-time job.

When you have a proper system, no hurdle can be too high. This is what MEB strives to deliver for its students. An effective support system that can help you in several ways to regain confidence in your writing work.

About Creative Writing

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is a type of artistic expression that uses imagination to communicate meaning via imagery, stories, and drama. This is in contrast to analytical or pragmatic writing styles. It includes a variety of genres and forms from both fiction and nonfiction writing, including playwriting, poetry, storytelling, prose, journalism, and more.

Though the concept is somewhat ambiguous, creative writing is often defined as any writing that is original and an expression of oneself. It is usually distinguished by an attention to narrative craft, with an emphasis on components such as character, narrative, and plot development, infusing its framework with imagination, innovation, and story.

With this perspective, creative writing can be defined as any writing of modern, original composition that is not restricted by established norms and employs a wide range of materials in its craft. 

“Your fate has not been written until you pick up a pen.” – Dean Bokhari

Different types of Creative Writing for students

Words can be used in many ways to express any human experience, and this is the most fun aspect of the art of writing. Here are some of the most prevalent genres of creative writing:

  • Novels: Novels are likely the most well-known kind of fiction, and they may be found in various genres, including thrillers, romance, and science fiction. You have more time to study the narrative, characters, and other factors in this longer form of literature.
  • Novella: A novella is longer than a short tale but not as long as a novel. It delves into great detail on all aspects of the plot. It might contain chapters or not.
  • Poetry: Poetry could be one of the oldest forms of creative writing. There are dozens of literary styles to attempt, ranging from haiku to sonnets. Creating vivid pictures and making every word matter are the keys to writing poetry. 
  • Songs: You could think of songwriting as strictly musical creative expression, but if your song contains words, you’re doing some creative writing. Lyrics and poetry are alike in that there could be many different forms, but rhyme schemes are frequent.
  • Scripts: Scripts are another type of creative writing that can be used for everything from television commercials to radio shows and even movies. The length might vary greatly, but the critical thing to remember is that the words you write will be repeated by actors and recorded.
  • Plays: Like scripts, they are intended to be presented to an audience. Actors will speak the dialogue you create. They are often broken into many acts. However, one-act plays are popular as well.
  • Vignettes: Vignettes are short works of fiction or creative nonfiction that set the stage for the reader. There may be no fundamental struggle to propel the plot along, and there may be no characters at all.
  • Essay: Creative writing isn’t necessarily always fictitious. In truth, there are various types of creative nonfiction. A personal essay is one in which the writer discusses their own life experiences or ideas.
  • Letters: Letters are also considered creative writing since they offer more than just factual information. This is particularly true if they are discussing emotions or points of view.

You see, everyone can engage in creative writing, and you can dive right into the Interstellar dimensions and present a biography of Hachiko. Our creative tutors at MEB are just here to assist you in taking that crucial first step of turning your writing project into a masterpiece of your own experience and imagination.

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