About us

My Engineering Buddy or MEB provides online tutoring and homework help services to higher-level students studying engineering and advanced courses in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and the Gulf (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Jordan, etc.). Apart from private online 1:1 tutoring services on demand for learning with a live tutor, we also provide Homework help or Assignment help, Test preparation services, Lab write-ups, Project help, etc., to the students mentioned above.

We hire only the top tutors, and hence we provide high-quality services which get our students top grades in their homework and exams. Students consistently rate us 5 stars, and they keep referring us to their friends and classmates. We get almost 100% inquiries through word of mouth as we maintain very high standards. We have served more than 10,000 students in the past 15 years with an over 97% satisfaction rate.

Our services are value for money, even though the charges are not very cheap, the quality of service that we provide makes it a desirable option to our students.

If you are a student and need high-quality help in your challenging courses like Mechanical engineering, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, etc., please get in touch with us on WhatsApp. We will turn your nightmares into sweet dreams!


MEB is a subsidiary of BlueAura iSolutions Private Limited. Although MEB has been running for the last 15 years, Five years back, BlueAura was incorporated. The idea was to create many businesses, mainly in the field of education and e-commerce. Blueaura Apparels is the apparel e-commerce business, IndiaSportshub is the Sports e-commerce business. There are plans to start Food and Nutrition (Health Focussed) businesses as well.


We help students studying in different universities all over the world. Even though students have particular requirements, our management team does a great job of providing a customized solution to every student. The tutors take care of the education part, whereas the management team cares for everyone and everything.

Pankaj K

Founder MEB

Pankaj K tutor Photo

An educator since 2006. Cofounder myphysicsbuddy.com

I have been an educator since 2006. I have seen very closely how much students struggle to find a good tutor. When I was a student myself, I badly missed an excellent tutor for me. Back then, there was hardly any help available online. Internet was coming up, and there was little or no content that could help in learning.
Around ten years back, I started myphysicsbuddy.com, and it was pretty successful in providing quality online tutoring for physics. After that, I always wanted to offer tutoring services in all subjects. I started My Engineering Buddy with this view in mind.
There is a lot of online tutoring services available these days, but the quality is inferior. Solving this problem is the ultimate goal of my life.
I want to thank Anthony for guiding me in this project. He is my ex-student, and we co-funded myphysicsbuddy.com earlier on. I thank every team member in MEB as well for helping me realise my dream.

Hemendra K

Top Management MEB

Hemendra K Tutor Photo

Also work as a tutor and as a marketing manager.

I joined the management team of My Engineering Buddy a year back to help grow the organisation. MEB provides quality online homework help and tutoring assistance to students worldwide. Having undergone the trials and tribulations of 18 years of formal education, I realise that having the right tutor help a student learn a subject is one of the most crucial factors in academic and, subsequently, professional success. I had always wanted to help students meet the best tutors who could guide them in a personalised environment. I can do that with my work at My Engineering Buddy by providing students with the platform for effective learning. The work I do is exciting and meaningful. I am an engineer and an MBA by qualification. Outside work, I like to help people improve their quality of life, including health and fitness, through my deep interest in the power of lifestyle choices.

Anthony K

Guiding light behind MEB

My Engineering Buddy is the natural extension of MyPhysicsBuddy.com that I started ten years back with Engineer Kumar (Pankaj Kumar). The founding of MyPhysicsBuddy.com was just a story of a genius tutor and his star student (that’s me). Due to Kumar’s help, I was able to get top grades in Physics. That inspired me to offer him a partnership in building a platform for Physics online tutoring. After approximately a year of hard work, we successfully created MyPhysicsBuddy.com. I had a dream to get every student un-stuck with physics helping one physics student at a time!
Engineer Kumar had a dream to expand to other subjects, so he founded MEB or MyEngineering Buddy. He was constantly in touch with me for this project. I wish him all the best.

Sayali M

Student helpline MEB

5 years of experience working as a customer care executive

Working for customer care service for MEB has made me passionate about my job as I believe customer care means going beyond and meeting our student’s basic needs. I have excellent communication and writing skills, which helps me understand their needs better. I have a very patient attitude, and I am very good at understanding students’ requirements. So they can be open about their doubts. Apart from working as a customer care executive in MEB, I enjoy gardening, travelling and playing music for fun.

Sanjivini P

Student helpline MEB

Sanjivini P works as a Customer care person in MEB

2 years of experience working as a customer care executive

I have been working for My Engineering Buddy as a customer care executive (student helpline) for two years. I like helping connect students seeking assistance to the expert tutors at My Engineering Buddy. As a student until three years back, it reminds me of my days in my university where I often struggled without quality tutoring help. I hope to provide them with the best support so that they can achieve their academic milestones.