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Pankaj K

Pankaj K tutor Photo

Founder and CEO

An educator since 2006. Cofounder MyPhysicsBuddy | Physics, Calculus and Core Mechanical Engineering subjects expert

I have seen very closely how much students struggle to find a good tutor. When I was a student myself, I badly missed an excellent tutor for me. Back then, there was hardly any help available online. Internet was coming up, and there was little or no content that could help in learning.
I started myphysicsbuddy in 2008, and it was pretty successful in providing quality online tutoring for physics. After that, I always wanted to offer tutoring services in all subjects. I started My Engineering Buddy with this view in mind.
There is a lot of online tutoring services available these days, but the quality is inferior. Solving this problem is the ultimate goal of my life.
I want to thank Anthony for guiding me in this project. He is my ex-student, and we co-funded myphysicsbuddy earlier on. I thank every team member in MEB as well for helping me realise my dream.

My Story

August 2000: Joined MERI Kolkata
I was an above-average student, and like all the North Indian students, I prepared for IIT JEE. I got a rank of 5043, which was not enough to get admission into any IIT. Based on this rank, though, I got admission to MERI Kolkata.

May 2005: Joined Shipping as a Marine Engineer
From MERI Kolkata, I passed out in October 2004. In May 2005, I joined the MT Sitamarie, an oil tanker ship. I cleared the shipping exam for 4th Engineer and joined another ship, MT Sitacamilla, after that.

August 2007: I Developed health issues
I was diagnosed with Nephrotic syndrome in my kidneys after signing off from my second ship. I took reiki healing treatment from Dr. K. Muralidharan of Kolkata for around 4 months. I made some lifestyle changes and changed my food habits. With the support of my family, I was able to come out of it in approximately three years.

January 2008: Joined ICICI Bank
Doctors advised me to quit the merchant navy. Not sure what to do next, I joined ICICI Bank as a collection manager in Bengaluru. Due to kidney issues and not liking the job much, I quit ICICI Bank in December 2008. I decided to focus on my health.

November 2009: Joined Tutorvista as a Physics Tutor
Tutorvista’s online physics tutoring job provided me with the freedom to work from home. It gave me ample time to focus on my health.

January 2011: Started My Physics Buddy (MPB)
Tutorvista inspired me to start my own online tutoring business. With the help of one of my students, Anthony Khoury from Canada, I started My Physics Buddy. The initial few months were so bad that I decided to join ‘JEE Classes Patna’. Here, I taught students preparing for the IIT JEE. I kept working on My Physics Buddy and TutorVista in parallel. By February 2011, I started getting traction with My Physics Buddy, so I quit JEE Classes. I focused all my energy on developing My Physics Buddy.

Hemendra K

Hemendra K

Chief People Officer

7 year experience building lasting relationship with clients | Statistics expert

I joined the management team of MEB to help grow the organisation. MEB provides quality online homework help and tutoring assistance to students worldwide. Having undergone the trials and tribulations of 18 years of formal education, I realise that having the right tutor help a student learn a subject is one of the most crucial factors in academic and, subsequently, professional success. I had always wanted to help students meet the best tutors who could guide them in a personalised environment. I am realising my dream in MEB by giving the students a honest and trustworthy person they can communicate to. The work I do is exciting and meaningful. I am an engineer and an MBA by qualification. Even outside work, I like to help people improve their quality of life, including health and fitness, through my deep interest in the power of lifestyle choices.

I have also been a tutor and mentor for statistics students and professionals.

Anthony K

Chief Overseas Operations

Strategic planning and foreign operations

My Engineering Buddy is the natural extension of MyPhysicsBuddy that I started ten years back with Engineer Kumar (Pankaj Kumar). The founding of was just a story of a genius tutor and his star student (that’s me). Due to Kumar’s help, I was able to get top grades in Physics. That inspired me to offer him a partnership in building a platform for Physics online tutoring. After approximately a year of hard work, we successfully created I had a dream to get every student un-stuck with physics helping one physics student at a time!
Engineer Kumar had a dream to expand to other subjects, so he founded MEB or MyEngineering Buddy. He was constantly in touch with me for this project. I wish him all the best.

Rishabh S

Student Helpline Officer

6 years of experience working as a Student Helpline Officer | Statistics wizard

As a student helpline officer of MEB, I always focus on reducing churn and increasing satisfaction. I know that collecting feedback from Students increases the value of our service. I have learned that people may forget what you said and did but never forget how you made them feel for their work. In short, I and MEB believe that happy Students are your biggest advocates and can become your most successful sales team. I am also a statistics expert with many years of teaching experience behind me, something that helps me perform analytical tasks for the company.

Nikhat C

Student Helpline Executive

3 years of experience working as a Student Helpline executive | Also a statistics and math teacher who likes playing with numbers

As a student helpline executive, I understand the challenges and questions that arise during your educational journey, and I’m here to offer my expertise and assistance. Whether you need help with academic concerns, career guidance, or navigating the platform itself, I’m committed to providing accurate information, personalized advice, and a listening ear.
With 3 years of experience in education and a deep understanding of the curriculum, I am well-equipped to address your academic queries across various subjects and grade levels.
In addition to my knowledge and experience, I am a compassionate listener who genuinely cares about your educational success. I will patiently listen to your concerns, provide clear explanations, and guide you towards effective solutions. I am here to celebrate your achievements, offer encouragement during setbacks, and provide motivation to keep you on track. I also teach statistics and some math lessons on Chegg and My Engineering Buddy from time to time.
Navigating the world of education can be challenging, and my role is to make that journey smoother for you. Whether you’re seeking help with a specific subject, need guidance on choosing the right tutor, or have questions about the Myengineeringbuddy, I’m here to provide you with the necessary resources and connect you with the best possible tutors.
I will ensure you have access to high-quality educational support.
Alongside connecting you with tutors, I am here to answer your questions, provide guidance, and offer support throughout your educational journey. Whether it’s clarifying MEB features, addressing technical issues, or assisting with scheduling sessions, I’m committed to ensuring your experience is positive and hassle-free.
Your success is my top priority, and I will be your reliable point of contact whenever you require assistance
I’m excited to be part of your educational journey, and I look forward to connecting you with exceptional tutors who can inspire, guide, and help you succeed. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any queries, concerns, or assistance you may need. Together, let’s make your learning experience extraordinary!

Noor A

Student Helpline Executive

5 years of experience working as a Student Helpline executive | I am also an expert civil engineering tutor

Working for customer care service for MEB has made me passionate about my job as I believe customer care means going beyond and meeting our student’s basic needs. I have excellent communication and writing skills, which helps me understand their needs better. I have a very patient attitude, and I am very good at understanding students’ requirements, so they can share their requirements without any hesitation. Apart from my full-time job at MEB, I also help students with online civil engineering lessons and problem-solving at Tutopia and Chegg.

Aditi S

Student Helpline Executive

3 years of experience working as a Student Helpline executive | I am also a top rated Civil engineering tutor

In MEB, I am responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction, resolving issues and building strong customer relationships. I have skills and ability to understand student’s needs and help them with their query to the extent possible.
I listen closely to what they say and making them happy and satisfied gives me ultimate satisfaction.

I also teach civil engineering subjects on Tutor and Chegg though I have taken a break from it for personal reasons at the moment.

Amreen S

Student Helpline Executive

2 years of experience working as a Student Helpline executive | I am also a data science consultant and a statistician

Connecting with students worldwide and helping them do better with their academics is my job and I just love it. I tend to dive deeper and understand what exactly the student want. It help me provide them the best possible help and the smile and thanks that I get in return gives a purpose to my life. In my pleasure time, I listen to old songs and spend quality time with my family.

I have handled professional and academic data science assignments and projects due to my educational background in statistics.

Menka S

Student Helpline Executive

2 years of experience working as a Student Helpline executive | Deeply interested in all things computers!

I have been working for My Engineering Buddy as a customer care executive (student helpline) for two years. I like helping connect students seeking assistance to the expert tutors at MEB. My work reminds me of my days in the university where I often struggled without quality tutoring help. I hope to provide them with the best support so that they can achieve their academic milestones. Outside MEB, I am also a professional computer science expert teacher and mentor.

What we do?

My Engineering Buddy, or MEB, provides online tutoring and homework help services to students in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and the Gulf (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Jordan, etc.). Apart from private online 1:1 tutoring services on demand for learning with a live tutor, we also provide Homework help or Assignment help, Test preparation services, Lab write-ups, Project help, etc., to students globally.

We hire only the top tutors, and hence we provide high-quality services that help our students get top grades in their homework and exams. Students consistently rate us 5 stars, and they keep referring us to their friends and classmates. We get almost 100% of our inquiries through word of mouth, as we maintain very high standards. We have served more than 10,000 students in the past 15 years, with an over 97% satisfaction rate.

Our services are value for money; even though the charges are not very cheap, the quality of service that we provide makes them a desirable option for our students.

If you are a student and need high-quality help in your challenging courses like Mechanical engineering, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, etc., you may get in touch with us on WhatsApp. We will turn your nightmares into sweet dreams!

Our Mission, Vision

We want MEB to be the go-to place for all kinds of services. People can come here not only for top tutors but also for top lawyers, doctors, Chartered accountants, health experts, or anything else that can be called a service, whether virtual or local, online or offline.

Educational services are how we started over a decade ago, and our target is to serve at least 50,000 unique students by the end of 2025. We are already planning to foray into other service sectors, and that would be our roadmap post-2025. We aim to grow at a pace where we provide the same impeccable quality even when our client base grows multifold.

Our goal is to serve 50,000 unique students by the end of 2025. After we reach this goal, we aim to expand ourselves into other fields. Till then, we will focus solely on our online tutoring business.

MEB’s History

August 2011: MPB became My Engineering Buddy (MEB).
I soon realized that I could not grow a business based only on one subject. Hence, I diversified into many subjects. I renamed My Physics Buddy to My Engineering Buddy. I added four of my friends from Tutorvista and JEE classes to my team. I was getting enough students to keep myself fully occupied.

March 2015: Registered BlueAura iSolutions Private Limited
After the revenues increased, I incorporated BlueAura iSolutions Private Limited. The business grew further and became a team of around 10 tutors.

July 2020: Rapid growth after COVID-19
Until COVID-19, I had no aspirations to grow MEB. I was happy with the volume of business. After COVID-19 hit the world, the demand for tutors grew manifold. Unable to handle the number of students, I was left with no choice but to hire student helpline executives and include more tutors in our team. I started designing the workflow and streamlining the business processes.

May 2021: Reached 50+ Subjects, 100+ Tutors
Setting up systems and workflow helped me grow the team at a rapid rate. In less than a year, MEB had 100+ tutors helping students with 100+ subjects.

April 2022: Reached 100+ subjects, 200+ Tutors
The growth continued, and in one more year, the number doubled.

About Us

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. – Malcolm X

Thank you for showing interest in MEB. Welcome to the best place to get online tutoring and homework help. We strive to provide personalized educational assistance to everyone.
We work with the sole aim of providing you with value-for-money educational help, and we treat your success as our success. It is our responsibility to ensure that we choose and get your work done by the best tutors in the best manner possible, and we take it very seriously.

If there is one thing in which most individuals would like to invest their time, it would be high-quality education. Most people would love to have a great academic track record more than anything else, as there is nothing else that promises to open doors to a successful career and a great future, especially in the early stages of one’s professional life.

Classrooms in schools, colleges, and universities form the backbone of global educational systems. They provide academic structure and faculty expertise to students in group settings, thus benefiting the population at large. However, there is a crucial gap that private tutoring and personalized academic assistance can fill.

The gap is that of individual attention and 1:1 interaction, coupled with helping the students learn and get help in a manner that suits them and at the pace that is most effective for them. Many students realize that they would immensely benefit from focused interaction with a teacher as compared to the distributed attention of a faculty member in a classroom setting. Students also find themselves burdened with assignments, homework, case studies, and projects.

At MEB, we are at the forefront of bridging this gap and bringing tutors’ expertise to you, wherever you may be in the world. Our handpicked online teachers and homework helpers who interact 1:1 with students have a big role to play in many students’ academic journeys. We have made it a cakewalk for you to get in touch with the best in the business by meticulously selecting tutors with proven track records.

There are many ways in which MEB can be a part of your academic journey. We offer a whole range of personalized educational assistance. You can learn a subject from scratch or complement your classroom learning with online tutoring sessions. The online tutoring sessions are also useful for learning problem-solving techniques and shortcuts.

We have ensured that we have tutors to cater to all your academic and professional needs, including but not limited to the following:

Exam preparation assistance: A big part of our resources are dedicated to exam preparation assistance for all types of exams, including AP, SAT, MCAT, Olympiads, regular school, college, university, and even general aptitude quizzes, tests, midterms, and final exams.

Homework, assignment, and project/lab help: This is another one of our top offerings where we assist students to learn more efficiently by helping them with their homework, class assignments, projects, and lab tasks. We offer a money-back guarantee for the work done by our homework helpers.

Online tutoring: Our online tutoring classes have enabled thousands of students to learn numerous subjects, software, and skills. It could be about learning an odd chapter, problem-solving hacks, or an in-depth understanding of the entire curriculum; our tutors have successfully imparted knowledge to students globally via private interactive sessions delivered over an electronic whiteboard and other educational and collaborative tools with cutting-edge technology.

Rest assured, when you approach MEB for any educational assistance, we take your studies and career as seriously as you do. Our student helpline team is always available to provide top-notch support, and our tutors are keen on providing top-quality academic help.


MEB is a subsidiary of BlueAura iSolutions Private Limited. Although MEB has been running for the last 15 years, in March 2015, BlueAura was incorporated. The idea was to create many businesses, mainly in the fields of education and e-commerce. Blueaura Apparels is the apparel e-commerce business, and IndiaSportshub is the Sports e-commerce business. There are plans to start food, health, and nutrition-focused businesses as well.

Company information

Business name:
My Engineering Buddy
(Previously My Physics Buddy. Visit website.)

Company’s legal name:
Blueaura iSolutions Private Limited
(Visit website.)

CIN (Company Identification Number):

GST (Goods and Service Tax):

PAN (Permanent Account Number):

TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number):

Pankaj Kumar (DIN: 07074788),
Asha Agrawal (DIN: 09572074)