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MEB is always looking for excellent subject experts. Join us today for a fantastic Online Tutoring career ahead. Currently, we have vacancies for Online tutoring jobs in the following subjects:
Engineering Physics 1,2,3 | Calculus 1,2,3 | Engineering Statics | Engineering Dynamics | Mechanics of materials | Statistics, and probability | Thermodynamics | Fluid mechanics | Structural Analysis and many more.

Apply now if you have

① Mastery over the subject

If you have mastery over the subject of your choice, then nothing else matters. It is the first and foremost thing that we look into our tutors. When we say mastery, then we mean “MASTERY.” You should have a solid base in the subject. Your concepts should be ultra-clear with no scopes for any confusion whatsoever.

② Ability To Solve Complex Problems Quickly

Apart from having sound concepts, you must be terrific at solving complex numerical problems without sweating much. Quickly and Accurately. Just theoretical knowledge in these subjects is not enough. Apply for online tutoring jobs at My Engineering Buddy if you fulfil these criteria.

③ Degree from IITs, NITs, or equivalent

Have you done your B-Tech, M-Tech, or Ph.D. from a top-rated college in India like an IIT or NIT? If yes, your chances of succeeding in myengineeringbuddy are much higher. If you are still studying, that also is fine as long as you can devote some time for myengineeringbuddy. We know very well that an IIT degree does not guarantee anything. There are plenty of people who are not from IIT, but they are still doing great.

④ Flexible Working Hours

You must be flexible with your working hours. Most of our students are from the USA and the Gulf, so you will have to work mainly during the night shift (5 PM to 9 AM Indian time). You don’t need to work every day during these times. Only maybe once or twice a week will you have to compromise with your daily routine. It depends on the work that you will get. If you are rigid about your schedule, then please don’t apply.

⑤ Sincerity And Punctuality

Most of the assignments are time-bound and have rigid deadlines. Once you are assigned work (be it a Live Tutoring session or Homework Help), we assume that you will deliver the work within the deadline. It requires sincerity and punctuality. If you miss deadlines, we will warn you once, and if you don’t improve, we will bar you from My Engineering Buddy.

⑥ Experience working on Chegg, PrestoExperts, TutorVista

Any experience working over these platforms is an added advantage as you will already be aware of the kind of work you will do. We know very well that making any serious amount of money over these platforms is virtually impossible. At myengineeringbuddy, we guarantee that you will get much more fees for every hour that you work compared to Chegg, PrestoExperts, Tutorvista,

Why work at MEB

① Awesome Payments
At myengineeringbuddy, you will get Awesome payment without working for Long hours: If you know a subject well, you can earn well even if you work on a part-time basis. Of course, you can work for more hours and earn more. At MEB, the best subject experts/tutors get most of the work, so if you don’t get a sufficient amount of work, work on your subject knowledge and prepare one or two more subjects.

② Become a subject Expert
Opportunity to solve a different kind of questions: Since our students are from all over the world and studying in various colleges and schools, there is significantly less repetition of questions. Every day it is a new challenge. Those who love a subject need precisely this to constantly learn and improve their knowledge and become a subject expert.

③ Exposure to Online Tutoring
Truth be told! Education will shift primarily towards online mode. If you are good at tutoring online, then you will never have a shortage of work. Catch the train before it’s too late. You also get a chance to deal with Foreign Students, especially in the USA and the Gulf countries. It will help you get accustomed to their college curriculum and syllabus.

Before joining MYENGINEERINGBUDDY or MEB, I worked at various places like Chegg, Presto experts, Liveperson, Assignment help USA etc. I can tell you that MEB is the only place where we get really good students and the payment is also the best. I am doing my PhD from IIT Kharagpur and I only work for 30-40 hours a month. The fee that I get for my time is the best so far. Its exactly what MEB promised me. The management is also very supportive. If you have  good knowledge in subject then this is the place to be.
Priyanka, Tutor at MEB
PhD IIT Kharagpur

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