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About Engineering Ethics

What is Engineering Ethics?

Like all other fields, ethics or the system of moral principles apply to engineers and their engineering jobs. Engineers are not only responsible to society and their clients but also themselves.

After numerous accidents that happened in the past, engineering societies realized the importance of ethics, and it has only grown with time.

Although different countries and even different engineering fields have their own set of rules on ethics, the below core ideas are pretty common in all of them.

  • Hold safety paramount
  • Act as a faithful agent
  • Service with competence
  • Issue true statements
  • Continue professional development
  • Reputation by merit
  • Uphold professional honor
  • Treat all persons fairly

Check this video on engineering ethics.

What do we study in a typical Engineering Ethics course?

  • Engineers are professionals for the human good: In the end, engineers should focus on doing good for society
  • How to apply ethics in engineering, Responsibility in Engineering, Engineers in Organizations, Trust and Reliability
  • The Engineer’s Responsibility to Assess and Manage Risk: Risk is something we can hardly nullify, but we can always reduce it. Analyzing and managing risk is an integral part of engineering.
  • Engineering and the Environment: Concern for the environment is ever-growing, and climate change due to humanity’s interference with nature is becoming more critical. So how is an engineer supposed to account for the environment?
  • Engineering in the Global Context: Different countries have different cultures and ethics. Also, the conditions might be vastly different. How is an engineer supposed to act in a global environment?
  • New Horizons in Engineering: Environmental responsibility, sustainable development, new technologies like big data, IoT, cyber security, AI and driverless cars, etc.

(Topics Credit: Engineering Ethics Concepts and Cases by Charles E. Harris etc.)

Some famous case studies

Read these famous disasters to understand why engineering ethics is important (Wikipedia links)

Do I need a tutor for Engineering Ethics?

Engineering Ethics is not a complicated science but a guideline for engineers. One can learn it independently, and a private tutor is unnecessary.

However, if you need an online tutor or a tutor near you, our WhatsApp helpline is available 24×7. Contact us, and we will connect you with an excellent ethics tutor for learning or homework help.