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Neeraj K

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Jitendra S

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About Environmental Engineering

What is Environmental Engineering?

Environmental engineering is a profession that applies science & math to utilize energy and matter to solve the problems of environmental sanitation.

It is an interdisciplinary science that is historically associated with civil engineering. However, chemical, biosystems, electrical, and mechanical engineering as well as biochemistry, microbiology, and soil science students can also become environmental engineers.

(Credit: Principles of Environmental Engineering and Science (Susan J. Masten and Mackenzie L. Davis))

Major applications of Environmental Engineering

  • Water Supply: Population forecasting, sources of water, properties of water, distribution of water)
  • Water waste (Sewage): Sewage systems, properties, treatment, disposal)
  • Solid waste: Garbage management, segregation, disposal, etc.
  • Air and Noise pollution: CO2 emission, Greenhouse gases, traffic noise, etc.)
  • Sustainability and climate change


After doing Environmental engineering, apart from becoming an Environmental engineer, you can also become:

  • Environmental engineering educator (professor, lecturer)
  • Environmental scientist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Wastewater engineer
  • Energy efficiency engineer
  • Natural resource specialist
  • Environmental compliance and legislation specialist, etc.

What do we study in Environmental Engineering?

In Environmental engineering, we study the following:

  • Introduction- What is Environmental Engineering? History, principles, and Systems used in Environmental Engineering. Environmental legislation, and Environmental ethics.
  • Basics of Chemistry, Biology, Material balance, Energy balance, Ecosystem, sustainability, etc.
  • Risk Perception, Assessment, and Management
  • Hydrology: Hydrological cycle, Precipitation, stormwater, ground and surface water, wells, depletion of ground and surface water
  • Water quality management and Water treatment
  • Air pollution & Noise pollution, Ionizing Radiation
  • Waste management: Solid waste, Water waste, and hazardous waste

(Topic credit: Principles of Environmental Engineering and Science (Susan J. Masten and Mackenzie L. Davis)

Do I need a tutor for Environmental Engineering?

Environmental engineering is a reasonably easy and not mathematical course so you can learn it independently without private tutoring. But if you lack the time or cannot understand selected topics, you can always hire our Environmental Engineering tutors.

You can go for local tutors near you, but our online tutoring in Environmental Engineering is always a better choice due to its low cost and excellent pool of tutors.