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Sometimes even 100% accurate solutions are not enough to get you a 100% score!

But how is this possible?

If your teacher or professor wants the solution in a particular way or if they have provided “RUBRICS” that you need to follow while answering the questions, then even 100% correct answers won’t get you a full grade.

Also, if you know how to solve a question but cannot do it step by step, even a correct answer may get you only 70-80% marks.

So you either need to develop a skill in writing grade-boosting solutions, or you need to contact an expert who can do it for you. We are not judging you, but many students chose the second route.

Keeping this requirement in mind, My Engineering Buddy focuses on grade-boosting solutions and not just 100% correct solutions in your homework assignments.

Being in online tutoring and homework help service for more than 15 years, we know precisely what separates a Grade Boosting solutions from 100% accurate solutions. 

How do we deliver grade-boosting solutions time and again?

We do the following:

Extensive training for our tutors

We train our tutors on how they can understand the requirements better and solve them as per that. It is more of an attitude problem than a knowledge problem. 

Sample assignments

We give them sample assignments and discuss where they can improve.


We train them regarding Rubrics and specific instructions and be mindful of the same.

100% accurate solutions

Checking the work after every step and being mindful of the fact that we are humans and can make mistakes

Step-by-step solutions

We train them on the importance of step-by-step solutions through various examples and sample assignments.

Revise before submitting

We have made it mandatory for the tutors to revise the solutions before submitting them.

Heavy penalty in case of deviations

We sometimes act too harshly with our tutors to ensure they don’t repeat the same mistakes in the future. We deduct up to 100% of their fee depending on the severity of the mistake.

Although most tutors develop these skills over time, some can not change their working methods. We terminate those tutors or assign them tasks that do not require following specific instructions.

Unlimited revisions facility

By giving our students the power to ask for unlimited revisions, we ensure that our tutors get forced to work as per the instructions.


If you are unsatisfied with the above measures, we gladly take the blame and refund your money partially or entirely, depending on the situation.

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