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About Nuclear engineering

What is Nuclear engineering?

The engineering of atomic nuclear reactions (fission, fusion, and other subatomic processes) for harnessing its energy, products, and byproducts is called Nuclear engineering.

Usage of Nuclear engineering?

  • Nuclear power plants
  • Nuclear medicine, medical imaging
  • Nuclear-powered vehicles like submarines and spaceships
  • Hydrogen fuel
  • Atomic weapons and national security etc.

For more usage of nuclear technology, read this article from This article tries to break the myth that we can only use atomic energy to make bombs.

What do we study in a Nuclear engineering course?

Like all other engineering courses, we first start with the basic subjects like Engineering Physics, Math, and Chemistry. We also study more application-oriented subjects like Computer programming (mainly C and OOP using C++), Engineering Graphics, Engineering Mechanics, Environmental Studies, Engineering Materials, Engineering thermodynamics, Machine drawing with CAD, Fluid mechanics, etc.

We then move on to the core topics of Nuclear engineering: Advanced Modern Physics, Basic nuclear Physics, Quantum mechanics, Nuclear measurements, Modeling and simulation of a system, Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer, etc. As quantum and atomic physics involve higher-level math, we study math at a deeper level.

With a good base already built, we start learning the advanced topics of nuclear engineering like- Radioisotopes, Nuclear fuels fabrication, reprocessing, waste disposal, Radiation (damage, detection, and measurement, environmental impact), Nuclear Reactor Physics, Gas turbine, Jet propulsion, Thermal hydraulics, Fission and Fusion processes, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), Nuclear power reactor systems, Particle accelerators, Vacuum techniques, Nuclear techniques with applications, etc.

Career options after doing Nuclear engineering

If we go as per the business or industry, a nuclear engineering degree can land you a job in Food processing, nuclear power plants, radiation physics, health physics, environmental, consulting, development, project management, fuels and energy, materials, manufacturing plants, sales, waste management.

In the government sector, we can find a job in the Federal, national, and local government agencies, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Environmental Protection Agency, research, and national laboratories.

In the education field, one can become a University/college instructor, researcher, or full-time or part-time tutor. If you are looking for an online tutoring or homework help job in Nuclear engineering, please visit our online tutoring jobs page or contact us on WhatsApp.

(Reference article by

Some interesting videos on Nuclear engineering

  1. The truth about nuclear energy: This video breaks myths about atomic energy.
  2. The economics of nuclear energy: Know why governments and companies are unwilling to start a new Nuclear power plant.

Do I need a tutor for my Nuclear Engineering course?

Nuclear Engineering is pretty math-heavy and quite complex. One can learn it independently, but private tutoring is a must for most students. Some subjects like quantum mechanics require high-level math, so in nuclear engineering, the math taught is very advanced. Contact us on our WhatsApp helpline if you need an online tutor or a tutor near you for help. We will connect you with an excellent Nuclear Engineering tutor for all your online tutoring and homework help needs.