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Pankaj K

Student’s Rating 4.97/5

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Knowledge 95%
Speed 100%
Accuracy 99%
  • Engineering Dynamics (Mechanics 2)

  • Engineering Statics (Mechanics 1)

Neeraj K

Student’s Rating 4.93/5

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 95%
Accuracy 97%
  • Engineering Dynamics (Mechanics 2)

  • Engineering Statics (Mechanics 1)

Jitendra S

Student’s Rating 4.92/5

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 91%
Accuracy 94%
  • Engineering Dynamics (Mechanics 2)

  • Engineering Statics (Mechanics 1)


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I am studying at Stanford University, and the mechanical engineering department is advanced. I stumbled upon engineering dynamics in my previous semester. Without MEB I would have failed.

Stanford University

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The questions discussed by our professor were way too hard, and everyone was struggling. The dynamics tutors of My Engineering Buddy helped me ace this course. Kudos. Love from Sharjah 💗

Sharjah University

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They taught me how to simplify a complex dynamics problem. I learned the finer details of this subject and mastered it eventually. They also helped me do a few of my homework in dynamics. I topped my class. 😊

Kuwait University

Online Dynamics Tutoring

Welcome to the online tutoring hub for engineering dynamics (Mechanics 2)!

Get online tutoring and homework help in Dynamics with top tutors.

You have come to the right place to get personalized online dynamics tutorials from the best experts in the online education arena. We have built a virtual platform where you can learn dynamics at your own pace and ask as many explanations as you want. Our tutors know how to help you get top grades. They are committed to helping you excel in your academic program and, subsequently, your career. You can utilize our online tutoring service for your college or university program or prepare for an entrance exam for higher studies.

What is Engineering Dynamics?

Engineering Dynamics is also called Mechanics 2 or Dynamics. Although not mandatory, a good knowledge of Mechanics 1 or statics is very beneficial for learning dynamics. However, Physics-1 is the foundation of dynamics. Unless you have sound knowledge in Physics-1, there is no way you can master engineering dynamics ever. 

For mechanical engineering, Dynamics is a vital subject that the student must learn and master. It’s the foundation for more advanced subjects like mechanical engineering design and Mechanical vibrations. Students need to do a research project and a design project in the fourth and final year, concluding the four-year mechanical engineering degree.

It’s evident from the above discussion that it will be challenging to become an excellent mechanical engineer if you do not understand Dynamics well. Aerospace/aeronautical engineering and Automobile Engineering, Marine Engineering, and Robotics also use engineering dynamics extensively.

Dynamics is a branch of mechanics that helps us understand the relationship between forces and motion. It is the study of particle and rigid body motion. It also deals with equilibrium caused by the application of forces.

It is a foundational subject for many other advanced engineering subjects. Dynamics is an engineering mechanics course taught in university-level engineering programs. It studies how objects behave when they are in motion. Dynamics is vital in the development of problem-solving skills. It helps you to assess how bodies react to forces and consequently move following the rules of mechanics.

Best dynamics books for reference:

  • Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics – Hibbeler
  • Vector Mechanics for Engineers – Ferdinand P. Beer
  • Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics, SI Edition – Andrew Pytel

My Engineering buddy has some of the finest online engineering dynamics tutors that you can ever find online. We have a long track record of almost 15 years in delivering online tutoring and homework help services to students from various parts of the world. We guarantee top grades. Due to our strict quality control process, we maintain an excellent pool of top tutors. Although we manually check the sessions conducted by a tutor for quality, students’ feedback is the leading factor when we rank a tutor.

What is special about My Engineering Buddy online dynamics lessons?

You can book our virtual online sessions from anywhere around the world. We use an online whiteboard for the interaction of the student and the tutor. What you need is a laptop computer or a tablet like an iPad and high-speed internet connectivity. You can select the topics, learn the theory and get step-by-step problem-solving help. Unlike a regular classroom, there is no restriction on how much time you can spend on a particular topic or problem. You can upload a file and get the tutor’s help in understanding anything about the subject where you need more clarity.

Why personalized online Dynamics tutoring sessions are an effective way of learning?

The rate of success in dynamics is not as good as some of the other engineering subjects you will encounter in your academic program. Add to that the distributed attention of teachers in a typical classroom. As a result, many students fall behind in their courses. Consequently, they lose interest and fare poorly when they take their quizzes and exams. We can avoid this situation if a student is taught in a way and at a pace that maximizes the individual’s learning potential.

When is a good time to get our support to boost your learning?

The sooner, the better. If you begin learning dynamics early, you will get a headstart in a subject which many find challenging. You can be better prepared even before your regular college or university classes to accelerate your learning. The traditional classroom sessions can act as refresher sessions for you. It will help you get an edge, and you can avoid falling behind in the class. You can gain immense knowledge from these 1-on-1 sessions to gain expertise in dynamics.

Who has been learning dynamics through online tutoring sessions from My Engineering Buddy?

We have offered online tutoring services for many subjects, including physics, math, calculus, statics, and dynamics, for over a decade now. We get students from around the world, including the USA, the middle-eastern nations like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, Sweden, Great Britain, Mexico, Korea, Australia, and many other countries. So far, we have helped thousands of eager students from numerous universities, including the John Hopkins University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Rochester, and Kuwait University.

How do our students fare in their university programs?

Most of our students perform very well. They are confident with their preparation, and it helps in getting excellent scores. They accurately solve problems due to a strong base of conceptual learning of the curriculum. We hear back from many of our former students about their success. It keeps us motivated to provide quality online education options to the student community.

What else do we offer to dynamics students?

We can offer assistance in engineering dynamics lab assessments, project reports, and written assignments. We also provide 24X7 homework help service to dynamics students to help them keep their course on track. It helps them juggle their priorities in the relentless competitive environment.

What are the prerequisites for studying dynamics?

One needs an understanding of fundamental differential and integral calculus for learning dynamics. Statics, which is another branch of mechanics, is also a prerequisite for dynamics. You should be able to draw free body diagrams and compute moments of inertia.

How can I learn Dynamics online?

Click here for a free online course by MIT on Dynamics (Will take you to the MIT website, opens in a new tab)

Read the article below to learn tips and tricks on how to learn engineering dynamics