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Neeraj K

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Jitendra S

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 91%
Accuracy 94%
  • Engineering Statics (Engineering Mechanics 1): Equilibrium of rigid bodies, Method of joints, Method of sections, Trusses, Frames, Machines, Centre of gravity etc

Ankesh J

Student’s Rating 4.86/5

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Knowledge 92%
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  • I am a mechanical engineer; expert in engineering mechanics(Statics). Get quality help with your online assignments, quizzes, homework and what not. A+ assured.


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I realised the seriousness of engineering when I saw the statics course. I was lost literally. Somehow I contacted a tutor of MEB and he helped me understand the concepts logically. Thanks for teaching me.

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Engineering Mechanics (Statics) Tutor

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My Engineering Buddy offers you the opportunity to learn engineering statics concepts and problem-solving techniques from the best online statics tutors. These tutors are vastly experienced not only in statics but also in the art of effective teaching. Our online tutoring sessions are interactive and insightful. They have a moderated pace to suit you and help you learn the theory of statics and its applications. We use an online whiteboard to deliver our tutoring sessions.

Why choose My Engineering Buddy for statics?

At My Engineering Buddy, our tutors are focused on helping you get top grades in your engineering courses. However, one needs to study the syllabus well and develop a deep and thorough understanding of the subject matter to achieve that. The next step is to enable you to acquire complex problem-solving techniques by learning and practicing sample problems. That will allow you to complete your homework assignments and ace your quizzes, mid-term and final exams. We also provide online statics homework help if you get stuck with a project or are busy with other important academic tasks.

Why personalized online statics tutoring sessions are an effective way of learning?

Statics is a complex subject, but it is not impossible to master it. It requires the visualization of forces acting in three dimensions on large bodies that are not in front of us. Students often struggle to understand the subject and perform well in their courses. For such students, virtual statics tutoring sessions may work very well. Students get support in individual tutorials, hints, and personalized feedback in these sessions, which are often missing in a crowded classroom.

Who has been learning statics through online tutoring sessions from My Engineering Buddy?

As we provide 24X7 service, you can rest assured that there is a tutor for you irrespective of your time zone. We have students from the USA, Kuwait, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Singapore, Great Britain, Ireland, Korea, Australia, and many other countries. So far, we have served students from many universities, including the University of Chicago, Dartmouth College, NUS, and the American University of the middle east.

What are the subjects you should know before studying statics?

We recommend that you know good high-school algebra, Physics, Calculus, and trigonometry to understand statics well. These foundational subjects form the basis of the concepts and mathematical calculations in engineering statics.

Statics is a stepping stone for other advanced engineering subjects

Statics and dynamics are branches of Vector Mechanics for engineers. They are prerequisites for many popular disciplines like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and aeronautical engineering.

What is a free body diagram (FBD) in statics?

If you want to solve statics problems, the most powerful tool you can use is the free body diagram (FBD). A free body diagram is a two-dimensional, symbolic illustration of the body (element or segment of an element and their structure) in which we have removed all connecting “pieces.” Our tutors can introduce you to free body diagrams, explain the purpose of drawing FBDs and teach you to draw simple and complex FBDs.

What is the study of Statics?

Statics or Mechanics 1 is the first subject you will learn under engineering mechanics. It is the study of objects at rest or moving with constant velocity, and it is the easiest subject under mechanics. Dynamics, Fluid mechanics, Mechanics of materials are other subjects that we study in mechanics, and these are much more difficult than Statics. You can use this free online book on statics to get an idea about it.

What is a Statics example?

A body at rest or in motion with zero acceleration is an example of a Statics problem. For instance, if a signpost is hanging with three cables in space (3D problem), and we need to find the tension in each of them, it is a Statics problem.

Is Statics a hard course?

We need to study the equilibrium of bodies in 3D and also advanced applications like frames, machines, trusses, etc., in Statics. Even though Statics concepts are studied in a general physics course, the application is quite vast, making it complicated.

Is Statics a physics course?

Statics is related to basic mechanics concepts that we study in the initial few chapters of any physics course, but Statics is not physics. It is a separate course and quite advanced compared to Physics.

Is Statics needed to study Dynamics?

It is not mandatory to study Statics to learn dynamics, but almost every engineering course teaches Statics first and then Dynamics.

Statics/Mechanics 1 topics

Our Engineering Statics Tutor (Mechanics 1 Tutor) can help you with:

  • Live Online Homework Help,
  • Live Online Tutoring Sessions,
  • Lab Reports & Projects

A quick list of topics with which our engineering Statics (or the mechanics 1) tutors can help you is as below:

  • Statics of Particles
  • Rigid Bodies: Equivalent Systems of Forces
  • Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies
  • Distributed Forces: Centroids and Centers of Gravity
  • Analysis of Structures
  • Forces in Beams and Cables
  • Friction
  • Distributed Forces: Moments of Inertia
  • Method of Virtual Work

(Source: VECTOR MECHANICS FOR ENGINEERS: Statics by Beer Jhonston, 9th Edition)