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Pankaj K

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  • Engineering Dynamics (Mechanics 2)

  • Engineering Statics (Mechanics 1)

Neeraj K

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  • Engineering Dynamics (Mechanics 2)

  • Engineering Statics (Mechanics 1)

  • Mechanics of materials

  • Fluid Mechanics

Jitendra S

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  • Mechanics of Rigid Bodies (Statics and Dynamics)

  • Mechanics of deformable solids, Fluid mechanics

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Engineering Mechanics Tutoring

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What is Engineering Mechanics?

Engineering mechanics is the study of Forces and their results on solids and fluids. These results can be accelerated motion, Deformation, vibration, or no motion.

Engineering mechanics is an extension of mechanics that you study in Physics. It is an advanced version of mechanics that mostly the Mechanical engineering and Civil engineering students take. Additionally, Students of Aeronautical engineering, Material science and engineering, Automobile engineering, and some other courses also study Engineering Mechanics. 

As mentioned earlier, there are 4 main subjects in Engineering Mechanics viz,

  • Engineering Statics (also called Mechanics 1)
  • Engineering Dynamics (also called Mechanics 2)
  • Mechanics of deformable solids (also known as Solid mechanics or Mechanics of materials (MOM) or strength of materials (SOM))
  • Engineering Fluid Mechanics (Divided into Fluid Statics and Fluid Dynamics)

Let us see the logic behind the division of engineering mechanics course in these 4 main subjects. 

A solid body can be rigid or deformable. Accordingly, the study of rigid solids is called Mechanics of rigid bodies, and that of deformable solids is called Mechanics of deformable solids. Statics and Dynamics are the two branches under the Mechanics of rigid bodies. Statics study rigid solids with no acceleration, whereas Dynamics is the study of rigid bodies with non-zero acceleration.

Similarly, fluid can be at rest or in motion with non-zero acceleration. Fluid Statics studies fluid at rest or with constant velocity, whereas Fluid Dynamics deals with fluid moving with non-zero acceleration.

Mechanics of deformable solids (strength/mechanics of materials) comes under deformable solids.

What is the difference between mechanical engineering and Engineering Mechanics?

Mechanical engineering is a whole branch/stream of engineering. On the other hand, Engineering mechanics is just a course or subject in engineering.

Quite clearly, these two are pretty different.

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