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    (Can teach Hindi in English). I have 20 years of teaching experience. I provide free lessons on Hindi on my YouTube channel. If you want private customised lessons, feel free to contact me on WhatsApp given below.

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Online Hindi Tutoring

Can MEB provide online Hindi tutoring to me?

Yes! MEB has experienced online Hindi tutors to help you round the clock. They have helped hundreds of students, professionals, and casual learners learn the ropes of the Hindi language. We will help you achieve the required proficiency in verbal and written Hindi with 1-on-1 virtual Hindi tutoring sessions. You can learn the history, grammar, pronunciation, usage, and context of the Hindi language.

We use an interactive voice-enabled online whiteboard that connects the student with the tutor. As the tutors know the topics and skills you want to learn during the online session, you can utilize the entire time for effective learning. You can also clarify any doubts or seek assignment or homework help from a dedicated online tutor who only focuses on your results. Our tutors help students understand the subject thoroughly, help them perform well, and get top grades. They are vastly experienced and well equipped.

MEB provides customized Hindi tutoring

You can contact our friendly student helpline team by WhatsApp. Our student helpline representative will understand your requirements and help you choose the best tutor based on your needs. It is vital to map the requirements for language learning as different individuals come with varied expectations from the tutorials and different levels of existing proficiency. Native and non-native speakers generally want to learn languages with different motivations and expectations. They usually start at different levels and grasp the lessons at different speeds.

Reasons to learn Hindi

There are many reasons to learn Hindi.

(1) It is part of your academic program at your school, college, or university.

(2) Your research involves studying Hindi

(3) It can help you in your professional life. For example, you may want to become a Hindi teacher or translator

(4) The Hindi language is a part of an art discipline like literature or theatre that interests you

(5) You interact with Hindi-speaking people regularly or occasionally

(6) You have an interest in learning the language, verbal, written or both

About the Hindi language

An Indo-Aryan language, Hindi or, in its current form, Modern Standard Hindi, is mainly used in North India. Sanskrit gave birth to Hindi like many other Indian languages. Many similarities still exist between the two, including grammar and pronunciation.

Hindi and its dialects use the Devanagari script like Sanskrit, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, and Nepali. Over time, it picked up influences from other languages along the way.

490 million people worldwide speak Hindi as their first or second language. After Mandarin, Spanish and English, Hindi is the fourth most-spoken first language globally. When Hindi blends with Urdu to become Hindustani, it stands as the third most-spoken language, after Mandarin and English.

Hindi topics and learning activities

  • Basic phrases
  • Sentence structure including verb arrangements
  • Greetings, affirmations, and negatives
  • Questions like asking time, weather, and hobbies
  • Conjuncts and prepositions
  • Adjectives and adverbs
  • How to use oblique, feminine/masculine, and singular/plural
  • Interrogative, personal, reflexive, and possessive pronouns
  • Noun-adjective agreement
  • Use of subjunctives and infinitives with postpositions
  • Identify common cultural terms like food items, activities, and festivals
  • Learn about relationships and family structures
  • Adjective and noun agreement
  • Weathers and seasons

As with learning any language, the scope and possibilities are vast. The requirements can vary a lot from one person to another. The list given above is just a sliver of the possible topics and activities to help the students and learners. You can contact us for any requirements related to learning Hindi and we will connect you with an online Hindi tutor.

Best books for Hindi reference

  • Practice Makes Perfect Basic Hindi (Practice Makes Perfect Series) by Sonia Taneja. Publisher: McGraw Hill
  • Get Started in Hindi – Absolute Beginner Course (Teach Yourself) by Rupert Snell. Publisher: McGraw Hill
  • The Routledge Intermediate Hindi Reader (Routledge Modern Language Readers) by Naresh Sharma, Tej K. Bhatia. Publisher: Routledge
  • Beginning Hindi: A Complete Course by Joshua H. Pien, Fauzia Farooqui. Publisher: Georgetown University Press
  • Reading Hindi: Novice to Intermediate by Kusum Knapczyk, Peter Knapczyk. Publisher: Routledge
  • Master the Hindi Alphabet, A Handwriting Practice Workbook by Lang Workbooks


Son learnt Hindi before we moved back to India

Hi. I am Sandhya. We moved to London 10 years back and my son was born here 7 years before. We were moving back to India and I wanted him to learn Hindi so that he can adjust there. An online Hindi tutor at MEB taught him enough Hindi in 3 months. Thanks!

Sandhya (Mother)

Hindi for Indian history research 

I am a historian from US and India always fascinated me. Since I wanted to learn more about Indian history and culture and that required me to learn Hindi. I took around 30 hours of online Hindi tutoring lessons and I learnt enough for my purpose. 👌

Mr Parker

Hindi student in USA

Even though I am a native of USA, I chose Hindi as a foreign language because I wanted to move to India for research purpose. I am taking Hindi lessons from one of the tutors of MEB and I am very happy. Now, I am able to read and understand basic Hindi now. Very helpful!

Colorado Springs

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