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Divya R

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  • Algebra 1 tutoring online or near you for high school students. Get homework help as well.

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  • Online Algebra 1 tutoring and homework help service for high school students.

Shubhendu M

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  • Tutor for Algebra 1  online or near you for school students. get homework/assignment help as well

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My tutor made the transition from arithmetic to algebra 1 easy

All my friends said that algebra 1 is pretty hard, and the math we studied before is nothing compared to it. I decided to hire a private tutor. My father booked sessions on MEB, and it was worth it. I never faced any issue learning algebra 1. The explanations were so clear; I felt like I was still learning arithmetic.

Nasser Al Marri

University of Qatar

Algebra 1 homework help

I needed help with algebra 1 homework. There were 29 questions that I could not do in the first 4 chapters. I searched google and watched videos on Khan Academy, but I was not satisfied with the answers as they were not detailed. My tutor at MEB provided me step by step solutions so clear that I never needed to ask anything.

Darshan Vemuri

New Zealand

Online Algebra 1 tutoring saved me $1075 in 4 months

I hired an algebra 1 tutor near me, and his charges were $45/hr. After many searches, I found MEB, where I got better online tutors at just $20/hr. I took 43 sessions in 4 months and saved $1075. My dad is impressed by choice, and he is even happier because I am doing better in algebra 1. Recommended 👍.

Eric Khachanov

Massachusetts, USA

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Algebra 1 Tutor Online

How can MEB help with Algebra 1?

MEB is an online tutoring and homework help company focused on making online tutoring more accessible and attractive globally by providing excellent math tutors at competitive rates. Our team of algebra tutors can help with algebra 1 homework and regular online tutoring sessions. 

Algebra 1 tutoring online

Nothing beats a private tutoring session when it comes to learning something new. With this in mind, our algebra 1 tutor can explain the most basic to most complex concepts in such a simple way that you will wonder why you have never tried it before. The online whiteboard technology simulates the traditional face-to-face tutoring session so effectively that you will feel as if you are sitting in front of your tutor. You can ask any question, making your learning faster and more efficient.

Algebra 1 homework help

Many students only take help with algebra 1 homework instead of tutoring sessions. They find step-by-step solutions enough to improve their understanding. In addition, it saves their time which they can use in learning something new. 

Getting started is easy, and we are just one WhatsApp click away. Our student helpline will connect you with an excellent tutor per your requirement. You may contact us on WhatsApp for more info, and our 24×7 available student helpline will get you started.

About Algebra 1

What is Algebra 1?

Algebra 1 is the first part of the high school algebra course, and it is also called elementary algebra or beginning algebra. It comes after pre-algebra and before algebra 2. A sound base in pre-algebra is vital to master algebra 1. Likewise, a thorough understanding of algebra 1 is needed to conquer algebra 2.

When do you take algebra 1?

While most schools teach Algebra 1 in grade 9th, others do it in grade 8th.  In addition, you may find slight variations in the syllabus from school to school.

Importance of Algebra 1

Some colleges and standardized tests want you to study college algebra which is simply an algebra 1 & algebra 2  combined, although at a much faster pace and more focus is on algebra 2. Additionally, some more advanced topics like conic sections is discussed in college algebra. Although not very common, some people call college algebra, algebra 3. 

Algebra is a significant component of precalculus that you must take if you are planning to study calculus in future.

Is algebra 1 hard

Algebra 1 is not hard, but a transition from arithmetic to algebra is difficult for some. Doing the math and playing with numbers is not enough to learn algebra 1, and you must develop conceptual clarity. Otherwise, you can not apply it in any meaningful way. If you have trouble understanding algebra 1, we advise you to work on it because there will be snowballing effect, and your doubts will keep piling into bigger and bigger doubts. It is high time to address it now, instead of waiting for the future. Since the math courses are all related to each other, and we study them in a logical order, missing concepts on the way will make you more susceptible to becoming weak in it. 

Do I need a math algebra 1 tutor?

You may need a private math algebra tutor to help you improve your Algebra 1 understanding, especially if you cannot do it independently. Looking for an “Algebra 1 tutor near me” is a good option but the “online algebra 1 tutor” is equally compelling. A private tutor near you may cost at least double the price of online tutors without adding so much value, and Online tutoring is quite affordable. Additionally, you can compare and hire the tutor of your choice. 

How to learn Algebra 1

There is no magic formula to learn algebra 1, and understanding it is similar to any other math course. 

We suggest you choose one textbook and try to solve as many problems as possible. Also, using a worksheet and keeping a list of formulas handy help. Doing word problems in algebra 1 is essential as it bridges math and spoken words. 

There is no alternative to hard work, and solving many problems on your own helps the most.

Algebra 1 syllabus/topics

Algebra 1 starts with the foundations for algebra: variables and expressions, Number lines, real numbers (rational & irrational) and their properties, order of operations, and evaluating an expression. Next, It discusses the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of real numbers. It also introduces equations and graphs (using coordinate planes). 

The actual study of algebra 1 begins with solving equations. The concept of ratio and proportions (e.g., similar figures) is also introduced along with percentages. 

The concept of “inequalities” along with “sets” (union, intersection, etc.) is introduced next. A graphical approach is used to build solid ideas. 

The concept of function, along with function graphs, comes next. Many textbooks gives a brief overview of the Arithmetic sequence as an example. Equation of a line (a linear function) is taught in slope-intercept form, point-slope form, and standard form. The concept of parallel and perpendicular lines, scatter plots, trend lines, and graphing of absolute function |x| is taught to further build on the topic of linear functions.

System of equations and inequalities comes next with its solution using graphical, substitution, and elimination methods. 

After that, we learn exponential functions, polynomials, and their factoring, quadratic functions, and system of quadratic functions. We learn how to solve a quadratic equation by factoring method, completing the squares, and then using the quadratic formula. 

Radical and rational expressions are taught before briefly going through the statistics and probability concepts. 

Pythagoras theorem, trigonometric ratios, frequency distribution, mean, median, mode, standard deviation, sample and surveys, permutations, combinations, etc., are taught at the end of the algebra 1 course.

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