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2 weeks of Crash course in Pre Algebra

My son, Paul, was struggling with his Algebra classes. He said that he could not understand what his teacher was teaching in the class. Due to my work, I could not give him enough time, so I decided to hire a private tutor. The tutor suggested that my son refresh his Pre Algebra concepts before understanding Algebra. We agreed, and in 2 weeks, my son says that he can keep up with the pace of the class. Good job. 👍 

John, Colarado

Paul’s father

Pre Algebra lessons to aid my learning

I am in 7th grade, and I combine the online tutoring services of MEB along with Khan academy to accelerate my Pre Algebra class. So far, it has been going well. I attend school lectures, watch videos on Khan academy and do its problems, and use MEB tutoring sessions to clear my doubts. My teacher is surprised by my performance and uses me as an example. I have recommended this study method to my classmates, who are also benefitting. 

Sanjana, Miami

7th grade student

Help with Pre Algebra class

My daughter, Alice, was not doing good in her math classes. Her school teacher informed me that she needs special attention in Pre Algebra. Although the teacher gave her extra time to help her understand the topics, she needed more time, which was impossible in the school’s classroom setup. After a lot of research, I hired a Pre Algebra tutor at MEB, and I must say that I am impressed so far. Alice is doing well, and she is enjoying her classes. Thanks!

Eric, father of Alice

Orlando, USA

Pre-Algebra Tutoring

Pre Algebra tutoring and homework help

Algebra is a required math course for high school students, and pre-algebra is the stepping stone to learning Algebra. As a result, we can not ignore the importance of pre-algebra courses, and failure to understand it can cripple the whole academic life of the student, as math is essential for any STEM course. Hence, PreAlgebra tutoring becomes the need of the hour, especially so if the student says, “I need a Pre-algebra tutor.” 

Finding a tutor for pre-algebra is not tricky. However, the cost can be prohibiting, especially if you search for a “Pre Algebra tutor near me.” Private tutors in your area may cost a lot, and it is prudent to hire an online tutor for the same. You can get a similar, if not a higher, quality of tutoring at a fraction of the cost.

Many parents can teach math to their wards, but as the difficulty level progresses, it becomes more and more challenging to do. In addition, the student may not show enough discipline and commitment to their parents compared to a professional tutor. Parents sometimes struggle to give enough time to their wards due to their work. Due to the above reasons, most students need private tutoring sessions with a seasoned pre-algebra tutor.

The homework poses challenges, especially if the student struggles with the subject. An hour’s worth of assignment can easily take two or three hours if the understanding is not there. To speed up homework solving, we suggest taking help from a professional Pre-Algebra homework helper.

How can MEB help with Pre Algebra tutoring?

Although primarily for the senior college, engineering, and professional-level students, MEB or My Engineering Buddy also provides online math tutoring services for a pre-algebra course. We understand the need for students transitioning to high school, and if we do not give proper care, they can mess up with their academic life. 

MEB employ only the best tutors to provide high-quality Pre-Algebra and Algebra tutoring services. We handpick them, and unless we have enough trust in their abilities, we do not hire. It has resulted in a strong pool of premium quality tutors in our team who can deliver affordable and productive online sessions. 

To get started, contact us on Whatsapp, and we will understand your requirements and provide the best tutor for your needs.

About Pre-Algebra

What is Pre-Algebra?

It is a math course taught after arithmetic but before algebra in the USA. Students start the Pre-Algebra course in grade 7th or 8th. Algebra starts from grade 8th or 9th. 

Students face the equality sign (as in an equation with numbers and variables) when studying Pre-Algebra. A good grasp over it ensures smooth learning and more success in college, as found in several studies. So if you are a student or parent, you may note that it is vital for your/your ward’s academic success in the future.

Is Pre-Algebra hard?

The transition from an arithmetic course to an algebra course is not easy, and the Pre-Algebra course tries to bridge the gap between these two. The straightforward approach used in the arithmetic course is no longer valid, and things start getting more severe in algebra. Hence, a good base in the Pre-Algebra course ensures no hiccups when the students take the more demanding algebra course.

Pre-Algebra topics

A brief overview of the topics that students learn in Pre-Algebra is as below:

  • Whole Numbers: Algebraic operations, rounding, estimations, exponents
  •  Integers: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of integers
  • Solving Equations: addition and multiplication rules
  • Equations: Introduction to variables, Algebraic equations- simplification and problem-solving. Linear equations in one variable and solving problems
  • Fractions and Mixed Numbers: Factors, Lowest common Denominator, operations involving fractions and mixed numbers, solving equations based on these. (Fraction is a complex topic for many students)
  • Decimals: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division involving decimals, solving equations that contain decimals
  • Ratio and Proportion: Concept and problems solving
  • Triangle Applications: Congruent and similar triangles, Pythagoras theorem
  • Percent: Solving percent problems with equations, proportions, Solving percentage problems as in taxes, discounts, Interest, etc
  • Graphing: Rectangular coordinate system, paired data, the graph of linear equations in two variables, 
  • Introduction to Statistics and Probability: Various types of statistical graphs like pictograph, bar graph, histogram, circle, and a line graph, Probability basics, Finding mean, median, and mode.
  • Geometry: Lines and angles
  • Measurement: Perimeter, Area, Volume, Surface area, Linear measurement, weight, mass, Capacity Conversion from one system of measurement to another
  • Exponents: Multiplication properties of exponents
  • Polynomials: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and factoring of polynomials

(Topics Credit: Prealgebra by K. Elayn Martin-Gay)

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