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Divya R

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  • SolidWorks Tutor for live tutoring, Online assignment and exam help. 3D designs made easy with an experienced AutoCAD expert.

Neeraj K

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Knowledge 97%
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  • Tutor for SolidWorks. Get online tutoring, homework and exam help. Experienced SolidWorks expert. Instant help on WhatsApp.

Shubhendu M

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Knowledge 99%
Speed 96%
Accuracy 94%
  • SolidWorks Tutoring sessions to help you design better. Also get help with homework and projects etc in real time. Available on WhatsApp.

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I got my final term project involving SolidWorks done!

I am a final year Civil engineering student, and I needed help with a final term design project. It involved 3D modeling of the product. I contacted MEB as I needed help with it as it was getting very complex with all the complicated parts involved. The service was excellent. Exactly as per the requirements. Thanks.

Xavier Davis, Pittsburgh, USA

Skateboard design using SolidWorks

I am a mechanical engineering student. In the final year term project, the professor told us to design a product that we could launch in the market. I chose “skateboard” and did all the groundwork, including cost, material, etc. For 3D design, I contacted an MEB SolidWorks expert. The work was flawless, and my professor appreciated me. 

Barry Flintoff, Durham, Great Britain

SolidWorks tutoring sessions from scratch

Even after watching many SolidWorks video tutorials on YouTube, I struggled to use it. Hence, I decided to take private tutoring lessons. The SolidWorks tutors near me asked for $70/hr, which was out of my budget. At MEB, I got an excellent tutor who helped me learn SolidWorks from scratch quickly and easily. I feel pretty confident in it now.

Noor Al Alawi, Oman

Don’t compromise with your 3D designs!

Start getting  in your Exams and Homework with an amazing SolidWorks Tutor.

SolidWorks Tutor | Homework help

How can MEB help with SolidWorks?

My Engineering Buddy has a team of excellent tutors and experts in SolidWorks, apart from many other subjects, mainly Engineering and college level. We provide high-quality and affordable online tutoring and homework/assignment help services in SolidWorks. If you are struggling with a solid work project, we can help. If you want to conceptualize a design using it, our solid works experts can provide live assistance right from scratch.

SolidWorks Tutoring online

Though MEB always maintains that self-learning is the way to go, it is prudent to get a private tutor to clear your doubts. Combining self-study with professional tutoring sessions works wonders, and it makes your learning more effective by cutting down the time it takes and increasing the amount you learn.

SolidWorks Online tutoring at MEB is pretty straightforward. We use an online whiteboard to deliver the sessions. You can interact with the tutor in real-time and ask whatever doubt is in your mind. Clearing doubts put you on the “autobahn” of learning. It is a smooth, fast, and sure-shot way. 

Our online tutoring charges are pretty affordable, and it is value for mo new considering the high-quality tutors that we have.

In the online tutoring sessions, you can also discuss your homework problems, projects, assignments, etc., that you have. The tutor will answer your questions in real-time.

SolidWorks homework Help

If you can not attend the live online tutoring sessions, homework help becomes an attractive option. You can share your homework assignment, projects, etc., on WhatsApp and provide the instructions and deadline. One of our tutors will quote the fee depending upon the effort needed to do your work. Once you pay the fee, your work will get assigned to the tutor, and you will get it before the deadline.

Contact us on WhatsApp for online tutoring or homework help in SolidWorks now!

About SolidWorks

What is SolidWorks

SolidWorks is a leader in 3D design modeling software owned by Dassault Systemes. It is a Computer-Aided Design and Computer-aided engineering application. 

Creating a new product involves conceptualizing, designing, and testing. Using a tool like SolidWorks, we can design complex mechanisms and structures without making a prototype. A 3D rendering of the design built on SolidWorks gives a real-world-like view of the design and helps a designer make changes to it. Design shortcomings are easy to edit, cutting down the design time drastically. There is no need to make an actual product prototype, which is costlier and time-consuming, and making changes is very difficult. Solid works and similar products in the market have evolved and are indispensable to anyone in manufacturing and design.

Using solid works, one can design from a simple bolt to the whole spaceship. There are many tools provided, making the designing task easier and faster. One can create the components and fit them together to make the final product/structure.

If you are a civil, mechanical, structural, and aerospace engineer in the design and manufacturing department, a solid knowledge of SolidWorks is critical to your success.

If you are a student, you may find many free tutorials online on SolidWorks. So, if you want to learn it yourself, it should not be a problem. However, if you have a shortage of time or trouble understanding this application, you can hire a solid works expert tutor to help you out. 

SolidWorks alternatives

AutoCAD and Inventor are the alternatives to SolidWorks. We suggest that if 3D design and making complicated components and structures is what you want to specialize in, AutoCAD is not that good. Inventor is good, but SolidWorks is distinctly ahead. If you’re going to make a career in 3D design, we suggest you master SolidWorks. Check this insightful comparison between SolidWorks and AutoCAD here (opens in new tab).

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