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Pankaj K

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Neeraj K

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Jitendra S

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My Engineering Buddy has top Quantum Mechanics tutors who can provide the following services:

Online tutoring in Quantum Mechanics

Get online tutoring sessions with an experienced and knowledgeable Physics tutor in a private 1:1 setting. We use an online whiteboard, Google-meet, Zoom, etc., to deliver highly interactive sessions.

Most of our tutors charge from $15 to $40 per hour. $25 per hour is the standard average rate, and the price varies from tutor to tutor and course to course.

Homework help in Quantum Mechanics

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We help with the following topics of Quantum Mechanics:

  • Blackbody Radiation and Planck’s Hypothesis
  • Photoelectric Effect, Compton Effect
  • Nature of Electromagnetic Waves, The Wave Properties of Particles, Quantum Particle model
  • The Double-Slit Experiment, The Uncertainty Principle
  • The Wave Function, Quantum Particle Under Boundary Conditions
  • The Schrödinger Equation, A Particle in a Well of Finite Height, Tunneling Through a Potential Energy Barrier, Applications of Tunneling, The Simple Harmonic Oscillator
  • The Quantum Model of the Hydrogen, Atom, Wave Functions for Hydrogen, Physical Interpretation of the Quantum Numbers, Exclusion Principle, and the Periodic Table
  • Atomic Spectra: Visible and X-Ray, Spontaneous and Stimulated Transitions

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About Quantum Mechanics

What is Quantum Mechanics?

Quantum mechanics is the mechanics (Physics) of atomic-sized objects traveling at speeds much lower than the speed of light. When the Size is too small, the Classical Mechanics laws fail, and quantum mechanics laws are formulated to explain the behavior of atoms and elementary particles, which are very small.

How is Quantum Mechanics different from Classical Mechanics?

Quantum Mechanics comes into the picture when the Size is too small (in the order of atomic distances) and the speed is much less than the speed of light (If the speed is also comparable to the speed of light, then we call it Quantum Field Theory.). Quantum Mechanics holds true even for bigger objects, but the effect is so small that we can ignore them.

Classical Mechanics, on the other hand, deal with objects much bigger than atoms and travel at speeds much lower than light.

Why is Quantum Mechanics so hard?

Quantum mechanics is very hard and is one of the most challenging classes you will ever encounter. But why is this so?

  • The math involved is very advanced

We need higher-order differential equations (ODE, PDE), advanced linear algebra, and difficult-to-integrate functions that even involve complex numbers!

  • We can not relate it to our everyday life

At a smaller level, things behave differently, unlike what we encounter every day. Getting a ‘feel’ of quantum mechanics is impossible as there is nothing in our life we can relate to.

  • Apart from scientific and academic purposes, we dont see any point in studying it

It is the harsh truth. Unless you become a research scientist, that too in the quantum mechanics field, you will never use its concepts in your entire life. That discourages us from learning it, making it more difficult for us.

Why do we study Quantum Mechanics?

Studying a challenging subject like Quantum mechanics, which is pretty math intensive and unrelatable to real life, develops our reasoning, analysis, and complex problem-solving skills. Hence, even if you do not become a scientist or a professor, you can always apply these skills (reasoning, problem-solving) to any job that you may do in the future.

One can compare it with going gym. In real life, you may not use the same exercise you do in the gym, but it develops your muscles and stamina, which is helpful in anything ‘physical’ that you do.

Career opportunities in Quantum mechanics

  • Researcher, Professor, Scientist
  • Specialization in Particle physics, Nuclear Science, Biophysics, developing advanced materials, Quantum computing, Astrophysics, Cosmology, etc.

Do I need a tutor in Quantum mechanics?

Yes, you will need a tutor in Quantum Mechanics. Quantum mechanics is one of the most math-heavy courses in Physics. Physics is challenging for most students, and when combined with advanced math subjects like higher-order differential equations, even the brightest students face difficulty.

My Engineering Buddy provides online tutoring and homework help with Quantum mechanics. If you need assistance, feel free to message us on Whatsapp. Our tutors are available and ready to help you 24×7.

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