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Pankaj K

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I am an expert in Special and General Theory of Relativity subject. Learn complex concepts in a 1:1 online tutoring session, or ask me to do your homework. I will ensure top grades in your exams and homework.

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Neeraj K

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 95%
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I have vast experience in the core Engineering Physics subjects like Special and General Theory of Relativity. Get online tutoring as well as homework help. I am a perfectionist, and it will also show up in your grades!

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Jitendra S

Student’s Rating 4.92/5

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 91%
Accuracy 94%

I can explain complex concepts in easy to understand manner and solve problems fast. Top grades are assured in your Special and General Theory of Relativity exams and homework.

“6 years of experience. M.Tech Degree in Engineering Physics from IIT Chennai, #1 college of India.”

Student’s Reviews: Special and General Theory of Relativity

1 Month of online tutoring in Theory of Relativity

I could not comprehend the concepts of Relativity because I lacked the advanced Math required for it. So I hired an MEB tutor who was good in Math and Relativity. I scored an A+ on my final exam.

University of Colorado

Special and General Theory of Relativity Homework Help

I was unable to solve most problems given in the homework as they were too complex for me. I hired a tutor from MEB to get top grades, and I am delighted with their service. Full marks!

Ahmad Almutairi
Kuwait university

Much better than the tutors near me

The tutors near me charge $75/hr, double the price that MEB offered ($35/hr) for personalized online tutoring. Due to the affordable pricing, I tried MEB, and they are much better than the tutors near me.


How can MEB help you with the Special and General Theory of Relativity?

We provide the following tutoring services

  • Online tutoring sessions in Relativity (1:1 personalized tutoring)

  • Online Homework Help in Relativity (Lab, project, essay, assignments, etc. as well)

What topics do we cover in Relativity?

Pure Physics students typically study the Special & General Theory of Relativity and Cosmology, and engineering students also study it but at a much less deep level. A course in these subjects covers the following:

Theory of Special Relativity topics

  • Einstein’s postulates and Lorentz transformations, Length contraction, Time dilation, the twin-paradox, Synchronization of clocks, Doppler’s effect, Velocity addition, Relativity of Simultaneity, Light Cone, Minkowski Diagram
  • Covariant Four-Dimensional Representations- Covariant and Contravariant Tensors
  • Covariant Formulation of Classical Mechanics: Proper Time, World-Velocity, Force, Momentum, Energy, E=mc^2, Elastic Collision
  • Covariance of Electrodynamics: Continuity Equation, Electromagnetic Potentials, Field-Strength Tensors, Maxwell Equations, Transformation of the Electromagnetic Fields, Lorentz Force, Formulae of Relativistic Electrodynamics, Covariant Lagrange Formulation

Theory of General Relativity topics

  • Einstein’s Field Equations
  • The Linear Field Approximation
  • The Schwarzschild Solution and Black Holes

Whom do we help with the Theory of Relativity?

We help students from across the globe; however, most of them contact us from the USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Australia, etc.

How does it work?

  1. Share requirements on WhatsApp
  2. Pay the mutually agreed fee
  3. Get the service (tutoring and homework help)

Why chose MEB?

  • Cost-effective and Accurate solutions for the last 15 years
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How much is the cost for Online Relativity Tutoring?

The tutoring cost depends on your grade/level and the number of sessions and also varies from tutor to tutor. For a rough idea, it costs anywhere from $30 to $50 per hour.

What is the cost for the Theory of Relativity Homework Help (labs, projects, essays, assignments, etc.)?

The homework help cost depends on the effort and time required to solve it. Once you share your homework on WhatsApp, we will check and quote you the fee. It will be affordable, for sure.

About Special and General Theory of Relativity

What is the Special Theory of Relativity?

Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity established a relationship between space and time. It is based on two postulates:

  1. The laws of Physics are the same in all inertial reference frames (law of invariance)
  2. The speed of light ‘c’ is the same irrespective of the motion of the observer or source or both.

Length contraction, time dilation, twin paradox, E=m*c^2, Minkowski Diagram, etc., have come from Special Relativity.

What is the General Theory of Relativity?

The General Theory of Relativity given by Einstein is a generalization of the special theory of Relativity that includes and refines Newton’s law of universal Gravitation. Here, Gravitation is a geometric property of space and time, and the curvature of space and time is altered by the energy and momentum of the matter and radiation present.

Gravitational Waves, Gravitational Lensing, Black Holes, etc., have come from General Relativity.

Job opportunities after learning Special and General Theory of Relativity

A specialization in Relativity can help one get a job in Federal scientific research centers (such as Astronomers, Astrophysicists), Private and federal Space centers, Planetariums, Education (professors, teachers, lecturers), etc.

Can I learn the Special and General Theory of Relativity independently, or do I need a tutor?

Special and general Relativity is a challenging course; learning it independently is daunting. If your college professor can not help you and you are alone, you can ask us for help. We provide excellent tutoring and homework help services. WhatsApp now to get started; we are available 24×7.

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