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Ankesh J

Student’s Rating 4.86/5

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Knowledge 92%
Speed 100%
Accuracy 93%
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Manish A

Student’s Rating 4.92/5

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 91%
Accuracy 94%
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Hemendra K

Student’s Rating 4.88/5

Hemendra K
Knowledge 91%
Speed 93%
Accuracy 94%
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SAT Math Tutoring at My Engineering Buddy

If you want to score top grades in the SAT math section, our expert SAT online tutors can help you get there. Each online SAT math tutor at MEB has vast experience guiding and mentoring students from various academic backgrounds and educational systems. With their guidance, you will learn how to improve your SAT math score.

Our tutors help students with the following test prep activities:

  • Help with the techniques for SAT math hard questions
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  • Tips and tricks for SAT math questions
  • Prepare SAT math reference sheet
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  • Mentoring on how to score SAT math score
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About SAT Math

What’s on the SAT math section?

The SAT Math sections are third, and the fourth sections of the test are the math sections. Students aren’t allowed to use a calculator during the third section, which is a 25-minute math section. In the following 55-minute math section, students can use a calculator. There are a total of 58 questions in the two sections.

The test covers the following topics:

Problem solving and data analysis – 17 questions – Solve problems involving percentages, units, ratios, and proportions. Quantitative, qualitative, and graphical analysis of data.

Heart of algebra – 19 questions – Analyze and solve equations with algebraic expressions. Interpret and rearrange formulas to solve problems and establish relationships among quantities.

Passport to advanced math – 16 questions – Solve quadratic and higher-order equations. Manipulate polynomials to analyze equations.

Additional topics in math – 6 questions – Problems involving circles, lines, angles, and triangles. Solving questions involving trigonometric functions.

SAT math prep resources and books

Khan Academy – The College Board has chosen Khan Academy as its official SAT preparation partner. Its SAT prep webpage has video tutorials, including practice problems for all the SAT math topics. It has free full-length practice tests.

The College Board SAT Suite of Assessments has all the official information, including the upcoming SAT exam dates. It also has an SAT study guide and downloadable full-length practice tests.

Here is a list of SAT math preparation textbooks for your reference:

  • SAT Math Prep – Over 400 Practice Questions + Online by Kaplan Test Prep
  • SAT Math Prep – Study Book with 3 Practice Tests by Joshua Rueda. Publisher ‏- Test Prep Books
  • SAT Math Workbook (Barron’s Test Prep) by Lawrence S. Leff. Publisher ‏-‎ Barrons Educational Services
  • The SAT Math Prep Book for Students Who Have Forgotten a Lot of Their High School Math by Robert Gerver. Publisher ‏-‎ Rob Gerver Publishing
  • SAT Math Packets – Practice Materials and Study Guide for the SAT Math Sections by Mike Settele
  • SAT Math Orange Book 2-volume set – Every SAT Math Topic, Patiently Explained by J. Ernest Gotta, Daniel Kirchheimer, George Rimakis