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About Water Resources Engineering

What is Water Resources Engineering?

Water Resources Engineering is primarily a civil engineering major focusing on water, the second most vital thing (after air) for the existence of life. Here we learn about the techniques, facilities, and equipment required to manage water scientifically.

What do we study in a typical Water Resources Engineering course?

  • Introduction: Hydrologic cycle, Water control systems, Water use systems, Legislations
  • Flow in closed conduits: Single pipelines, Pipe networks, Pumps
  • Water distribution systems: Water demand, Performance, Building water supply, Components used in water distribution like pipe, pumps, valves, meters, reservoirs, etc.
  • Open channel flow: Steady state continuity, momentum and energy equations, Water surface profiles
  • Drainage channel: design using Rigid linings, Flexible linings, and Composite linings
  • Sanitary Sewers: Wastewater quantity calculation and estimation, Hydraulics of sewers, design criteria, and computations
  • Design of hydraulic structures: Culverts, Gates, Weirs, Spillways, Stilling basins, Reservoirs, and Dams
  • Probability and statistics basics useful for Water resources engineering
  • Surface water hydrology: Rainfall and Rainfall Abstraction, Baseflow, Runoff,
  • Design of collection systems for Stormwater: Street gutters, Inlets, Roadside and median channels, Storm sewers.
  • Stormwater management systems: Performance goals, Design of stormwater control measures like Detention basins (wet, dry), flood control, Infiltration basins, Swales, Vegetated filter strips, Bioretention systems, Exfiltration trenches, SCM selection for water quality control, Major drainage systems
  • Evapotranspiration estimation: Penman-Monteith Equation and its applications, Potential, actual, and reference evapotranspiration, how to choose the suitable estimation method
  • Groundwater Hydrology: Darcy’s law, General flow equation, 2D approximation and unsaturated zone of flow, Steady and Unsteady state solutions, Superposition principles, and method of images
  • Groundwater systems design: Wellfields and well design, protection of wellhead, Design of Aquifer Pumping Tests, Slug tests, Exfiltration trenches, Seepage meters
  • Planning of water resources: Planning process, economic feasibility, alternatives like present worth, annual worth, rate of return, and benefit-cost analysis

(Topics credit: Water-Resources Engineering (David A. Chin))

Do I need a tutor for Water Resources Engineering?

Water Resources Engineering is a reasonably easy and not a math-heavy civil engineering major. Hence, you can learn it independently without any private tutoring. However, if you cannot understand certain topics, especially those that require math or solving numerical problems, hire one of our experts for help. Our online tutoring in Water Resources Engineering is always a better choice than the local tutors near you because we provide excellent tutors at very reasonable prices.