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My Engineering Buddy understands the need for plagiarism-free solutions, and we are committed to providing only 100% original and unique solutions to your assignments and essays. We have a strict policy of providing our clients (students) only original and well-researched assignment solutions/essays. Our tutors and subject matter experts are well trained, and we take strict action if there is a deviation.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is copying someone else’s work (either partially or fully) and telling the world that it is your own.

Suppose you change the wording to make it look original and pass the plagiarism detecting tools. We consider that too plagiarism, especially if you did not do your research and learned nothing from it.

Plagiarism is frowned upon by the professors and teachers, as it is considered an act of “cheating.” If your professor finds your homework, assignment solutions, or essays plagiarised, you may have to deal with the academic dishonesty code, which can sometimes be severe. Hence Plagiarism free solutions are critical to your academic success.

100% Plagiarism-free solutions: The truth

A work that is 100% plagiarism free is virtually impossible. So the thing that matters is the degree of plagiarism.

Every school and college set an allowable limit on plagiarism. Some allow up to 20% plagiarism, while others may allow only 10% plagiarism.

Your professors and teachers understand that you will ultimately read the existing problems/articles on the topic instead of doing your research from scratch. The main thing they are looking for is your understanding of the topic. So if you read many articles, you will develop an understanding of the same. Once you take notes of the essential points, you can quote the source and give references. Due to this reason, a specific limit on plagiarism is allowed.

The problem starts when you cross that limit.

How does plagiarism affect your academic life?

Plagiarism may negatively affect your academic life:

  • Bad grades
  • Learning is compromised
  • Bad impression/reputation in front of your teacher/professor
  • Repeating the same course
  • Stressful academic life
  • Termination from school/college
  • The academic dishonesty code gets applied to you
  • Waste of time and money

How to stay away from plagiarism?

Change your attitude towards education and learning

Education is for your good, and Plagiarism free solutions are an integral part of that scheme. Schools and colleges do not give homework and assignments to punish you. If you do it for learning, you will feel much better. Any knowledge gained will help you in the long run. Look at the bigger picture and not your immediate goals. Shortcuts won’t help you, and any learning will always pay you later in your life.

Be ready to invest time in an assignment/project

A plagiarism-free solution requires you to do your research and note down the crucial points. After that, you need to draw an outline/strategy of the homework solution/essay and then build on that outline. All this requires time, so be ready to invest good time in your homework and assignments.

Take assignment/homework help from reputed sites and people

You can not see the face of the people providing the services on the internet, and there can be a lot of fraudsters posing as homework/assignment solvers. While there are some genuine people, most are mediocre people showing themselves as experts.

Always choose the reputed sites and individuals who have a good track record. Ask your friends for references instead of relying totally on the internet.

The higher fee you pay to more established people and websites for your homework can be cheaper than the non-established ones in the long run. Plagiarism-free solutions require extra time and effort, and a higher fee is justified.

Check your assignment for plagiarism before submitting

There are plenty of free online tools and services where you can check your solutions/essays for plagiarism. You can also copy-paste a portion of the text in a google search and find out if the work is plagiarism-free or not. We know it is time taking, but it is worth it.

How do we ensure “plagiarism-free solutions?”

Tutors trained about plagiarism

We adequately train our tutors and subject matter experts on plagiarism-free solutions and their importance. We train them how to write unique solutions/essays, how to use plagiarism checker tools, how to give references, how to quote a source etc.

Attitude towards plagiarism

We explain to our tutors the seriousness of plagiarism and the effect that it can have on our students.

If a tutor provides plagiarised work, we terminate them immediately without giving any notice.

Original research

Our tutors do original research instead of changing the words and layout of existing text on the same topic. If many students contact us for the same homework, we assign it to different tutors so that every solution/essay is unique. We do not share the solution with other students.

Say no to unrealistic deadlines.

Doing original research takes time. Hence, if the deadline is too tight, we don’t hesitate to say “no” as we know that we won’t get enough time to provide plagiarism-free solutions on time.

We review the Solution/essay with plagiarism tools before delivering it to you.

Even after all the measures mentioned earlier, we still check the solution/essays/projects with a plagiarism checker tool to ensure no lapses from our side.

Refund policy

Although it is highly improbable to give you plagiarised work, we are open to refunding your money if you complain about the same. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy our students, and if they are not satisfied, we usually take the blame and bear the loss.

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