In this blog post we will answer 9 most asked questions related to online tutoring. Without any further delay, let us start!

How much does an Online tutor charge?

An Online tutor can charge anywhere from $1 per hour to $200 per hour. It all depends on whether it’s kindergarten or college and for which subject.

We at My Engineering Buddy provide top-level tutors starting from just $25 per hour. It’s a lot cheaper than what our competitors offer.

If you are a tutor, check our blog on “how much should I charge as a tutor“.

Can I get an online tutoring service for free?

Real tutors provide online tutoring services. It’s not offered by Artificial intelligence or AI or by a robot or any computer program. So we are sorry to say, but free online tutoring services cant exist, at least in theory. We at My Engineering Buddy are unable to provide any free online tutoring service to you.

You can learn on your own on sites like Khan Academy. YouTube is a great source of educational video contents, but you need to chose the channels wisely.

Are there enough Online tutoring jobs?

Students are always looking for online tutoring, so there is a massive demand for online tutors. If you have excellent subject knowledge, then you can make a career in online tutoring. For the deserving candidates, there is no shortage of online tutoring jobs. We keep hiring new tutors. If you want to apply, click here for more information.

What are the top online tutoring service providers?

The following tutoring companies provide online tutoring services:

  • SmartThinking from Pearson Education and many more

For a detailed list, please click here. Check Another list here

Where can I find Online tutoring services near me?

  • Search on google
  • Ask your friends
  • Ask in WhatsApp groups
  • Check Online forums

How to judge an online tutor?

Check their reviews on the internet. Many People leave impartial reviews on Sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber etc. You can get a fair idea about an online tutor this way. Also, you can see their website for reviews and testimonials. Check with friends and neighbors if they have ever used an online tutoring service before.

What are the subjects My Engineering Buddy teaches online?

MEB provides online tutoring with the following subjects as of now.

  • Physics-1 & Physics-2
  • Calculus-1, Calculus-2 & Calculus-3
  • Statics or Engineering Mechanics-1
  • Dynamics or Engineering Mechanics-2
  • Statistics & Probability, Biostatistics

For a detailed list, please click HERE.

We are consistently adding more and more subjects to this list. If it is not listed yet, you can come back and check the updated list after a few weeks. Alternatively, you can connect with our customer care on WhatsApp chat and see if we can help you or not.

Who becomes online tutors?

Online tutors are subject experts who work as a tutor and provide tutoring via an online tutoring platform.

Why is online tutoring for math the need of the hour?

Math is a game of numbers. If the wiring in your brain is such that it can not deal with numbers efficiently, then you will have a hard time understanding it. A qualified and experienced math tutor will make sure that you know it by breaking the problems into smaller and smaller parts.


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