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Getting good grades on standardized tests is vital to academic success. Many students use tutors near them for test prep, and many go online. No matter which route you are taking, you may need some help at some point of time in your test preparation. 

We, at MEB, hires the leading tutors, and due to our strict quality control, only the best remain with us. So when you connect with a tutor at MEB, you are assured of high quality.

Whether you need private tutoring for 1 hour per week or you need it 5 hours per week, we got you covered. Due to our affordable fees, you can spend extra time with private test prep tutors near you or online and get a better understanding of the material. You can now focus on your test preparation without worrying about massive tutoring costs. For free resources on Test Prep, check Khan academy page here.

We have tutors for AP, MCAT, SAT, LSAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, PSAT, SSAT, ISEE, and many more. We cover many subjects, and this list is rapidly growing as we add new courses and tutors every day. You can contact us on WhatsApp to know whether your subject/course is covered or not. 

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How it Works?

① Book an awesome tutor    ② Pay the fee via PayPal    ③ Start getting top scores


From 495 to 515 in MCAT

MCAT test prep private tutoring cost a lot, so I skipped any outside help and prepared independently. I got a lowly 495 in MCAT. My friend suggested I use this website for my exam, and with their help, I got 515 this time. Amazing!

University of Colorado

Saved $8000 in AP test preparation

I hired a Statistics tutor near me for AP test prep, and though the tutor was good, it was bleeding money at $70/hour. I got a better AP stat tutor here who charged me only $20/hour. Over 8 months, I saved a massive $8000. Thanks. 😊

Nabil Al Awadi
North Carolina State University

Fate reversal in LSAT

Even after my best efforts, I was not getting good scores on LSAT practice tests. I found MEB on a google search via “LSAT tutor near me.” Although the tutor was from India, he taught me the law basics, and my mind became clearer. I aced the LSAT this time.

Cornell University

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