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School Students

Grade 10 and below students who are not preparing for advanced courses. For example, Grades 10,9,8,7, etc.



College Aspirant

Grade 11 and grade 12 students or those preparing for College admission tests. For example, AP, IB, etc.



College Student

Already studying in a college or university. For example, undergraduate engineering students doing BTech.



Beyond College

Students doing advanced courses after finishing college. For example, engineering students doing MTech.

*All the prices are in USD (United States Dollar) *These prices are indicative and applicable in 80% of the cases. But, for example, if a grade 8 student is preparing for AP (say), the next tier fee is chargeable. Please note, the fee is decided by the tutors themselves. We will try to keep it as close as possible to the starting prices but in some cases it may increase significantly.