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Analog Electronics can be tough. Make it easy with an excellent electronics expert!

Pankaj K

Student’s Rating 4.97/5

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Knowledge 95%
Speed 100%
Accuracy 99%
  • I have more than 15 years of experience teaching Analog Electronics. I provide tutoring as well as homework help with electronics and related subjects. Contact me for assistance.

Neeraj K

Student’s Rating 4.93/5

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 95%
Accuracy 97%
  • I am highly experienced in Analog Electronics. Learn simple to complex concepts in an online Analog Electronics tutoring session. I can help with assignments, projects, and lab as well.

Manish A

Student’s Rating 4.92/5

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 91%
Accuracy 94%
  • With my easy-to-understand and engaging tutoring style, I will break your myth that Analog Electronics is tough. Can also help with your homework, projects, circuit designs, etc. Contact me for instant help.

Analog Electronics: Student’s Reviews

One of the best Electronics tutors for the Analog portion

I am doing my Electronics and communication engineering and have tried more than 10 tutors from various websites. I would rate MEB as the best Analog electronics. Highly knowledgeable yet affordable. 💵


Project done in a tight deadline

I had an analogue electronics project due in the next 13 hours. I got speedy support from MEB. I talked to a tutor within 10 minutes, and he knew exactly what to do. Submitted on time ⏱

Ahmad Almutairi

Better than the electronics tutor near me

I hired an analog electronics tutor near me, but the cost was $80 per hour. At MEB, I got a better tutor who teaches me online. A better tutor at 40% of the price! Wow 👌


Best Analog Electronics tutoring service

Do you need help with Analog Electronics?

Welcome to My Engineering Buddy! We have an excellent pool of electronics tutors experts in providing the following Analog Electronics tutoring services

  • Live Online Analog Electronics tutoring
  • Analog Electronics Homework help
  • Analog Electronics project report and lab report help
  • Help with Analog design tools like LTspice, SPICE models, ADI Precision Studio, Analog Filter Wizard, Analog Photodiode Wizard, TimerBlox® Designer, ADIsimCLK™, Precision ADC Driver Tool, LTpowerCAD® & LTpowerPlanner©, ADIsimPLL™ etc

Whom do we help with Analog Electronics?

Analog electronics is an integral part of the electronics course, which is studied by engineering students, especially the Electronics and electrical courses. If you are an electronics enthusiast and learning electronics on your own, we can help you polish your skills or answer your doubts. We also help high school or college students who want to learn the basics of electronics.

Students contact us from across the globe. Most of our students, though, are from the USA, UK, Gulf countries, and Australia.

No matter where you stay or what level of expert/tutor you want in Analog electronics, we can help.

Many students contact us for their homework too. We provide step-by-step solutions to their problems so that they can understand how the problem is solved.

We dont ask why they need help with their Analog electronics homework. Still, as per their feedback over the years, we know that the most common reasons they need help are: Lack of time, inability to understand the subject, low grades, and Lack of good tutors in their college/university/school.

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Features of our Analog Electronics tutoring services

The following features make MEB an ideal choice for online Analog Electronics tutoring services

  • Ivy league Tutors with Excellent subject knowledge
  • Highly effective tutoring methodology
  • Customized tutoring sessions
  • Tutors with Neutral accent
  • Online whiteboard with instant 2-way collaboration facility
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • We cover Popular international locations

Features of our Analog Electronics homework services

  • Instant homework solutions to meet ultra-tight deadlines
  • Step-by-step solutions Accurate solutions
  • Plagiarism-free (unique) solutions
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  • Money back guarantee

How much does online Analog Electronics tutoring cost?

Online Analog Electronics tutoring costs anywhere from $20 to $40 per hour. The cost depends on your grade/level, number of sessions, the complexity of the subject/course, the assigned tutor, etc.

The cost of Analog Electronics homework depends on many factors viz number of questions, the complexity of the questions, proximity of the deadline, level of detail needed, availability of the tutor, and henceforth. Check our pricing page for more info.

About Analog Electronics

What is Analog Electronics?

Analogos in greek means “proportional.” In contrast to digital electronics, where the signal takes only two levels, Analog electronics signals are continuously variable.

We use components like resistors, capacitors, and inductors to design analog circuits. These are much harder to design and conceptualize than digital circuits because they are hand designed, and automating them is hard. Also, severe “noise” issues need to be taken care of. Digital circuits are much easier to design; hence, more and more electrical circuits use them. Check Wikipedia for more info.

Why do we study analog electronics?

To interact with the real world, digital circuits require analog circuits; hence, analog circuits can never be entirely replaced by their digital counterpart. If you dont know analog circuits well, you are limiting your capabilities as an electronics engineer and hence your employability and remunerations.

What do we study in Analog Electronics?

P-N junction diode, Special purpose diodes like Zener Diode, LED, Photodiode, Rectifiers, Clipping & Clamping Circuits, BJT or Bipolar junction Transistor and its characteristics, FET or Field Effect Transistors and its characteristics, JFET, MOSFET, Op-amps or operational amplifiers, Oscillators, etc.

Can I learn Analog Electronics on my own?

Yes, you can. There are various youtube videos and paid courses available on the internet, which you can use to learn analog electronics on your own. There are various tools to speed up your analog circuit design. Visit this page for more info

If you face any issues with the concepts discussed, you can hire one of our analog electronics tutors to improve the quality and pace of your learning.

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