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Pankaj K

Student’s Rating 4.97/5

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Knowledge 95%
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I am an expert in Automotive Engineering subjects. Learn complex concepts in a 1:1 online tutoring session, or ask me to do your homework. I will ensure top grades in your exams and homework.

“15 years of experience. Top Tutor, B.Tech in Automotive Engineering, IIT Kanpur”

Neeraj K

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 95%
Accuracy 97%

I have vast experience in the core subjects of Automotive Engineering. Get online tutoring as well as homework help. I am a perfectionist, and it will also show up in your grades!

“23 years of experience. B tech Automotive Engineering. BITS Pilani, 1992 Pass-out”

Jitendra S

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 91%
Accuracy 94%

I can explain complex concepts in easy to understand manner and solve problems fast. Top grades are assured in your Automotive Engineering exams and homework.

“6 years of experience. M.Tech Degree in Automotive Engineering from IIT Chennai, #1 college of India.”

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Automotive engineering Online tutoring

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About Automotive engineering

What is Automotive engineering?

Automotive engineering is the design, manufacturing, and operation of automotive. It generally means the vehicles that move on the ground (not in the air and on the water!). Cars, Motorcycles, trucks, etc. are examples of automotives.

The word automotive means autos= self and motivus= of motion, so any nonliving thing capable of moving on its own is automotive.

The word ‘Automobile’ is used primarily for cars; however, automotive and automobile are used interchangeably in everyday language.

Salient features of the automotive industry


People drive automobiles, and any problem with the vehicle can lead to loss of life. So safety is of utmost importance in the automotive industry. Safety of design is ensured by computer tests and by actual tests. The test results are made public so that people can decide if they want to buy the automobile or not.


The vehicle should be powerful and fast, have short braking distance, exemplary handling, smooth gear shifts, and comfortable steering. The fuel economy should be good, and emissions are within permissible limits.


NVH (Noise, vibration, harshness) levels should be low. Comfortable to drive, enough space, durable,

New developments

Focus has shifted to electric vehicles as they create less pollution and are energy efficient. TESLA is the leader in this segment.

Some automotive companies like TESLA are also working on driverless cars and claim they can reduce accidents. Heavy use of AI and ML is there in developing driverless vehicles, and LIDAR or LIght Detection And Ranging and other techniques enable the cars to ‘see’ the traffic.

Crumple zone

In an accident, the car’s crumple zone (or crash zone or crush zone) takes the maximum hit, thereby allowing the collision energy to deform the vehicle instead of the bodies of the passengers. The collision energy will seriously damage passengers’ bodies if a solid and undeformable car is made. See this video to understand the crumple zone.

What do we study in a typical Automotive engineering BTech program?

In a 4-year Automotive engineering BTech program, we first build the basics by learning Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Drawing, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics, Mechanics of machines, Strength of materials, etc.

After that, we learn the fundamentals of the other engineering fields like electrical and electronics engineering, Computer science, Production technologies, Statistics, Environmental science, Management principles, etc.

After the basics are strong, we start learning about automotive engines (mostly IC engines), Automotive chassis, Automotive electricals & electronics, Automotive transmission, Vehicle design, Data characteristics, Automotive Fuels, and Lubricants, etc. And lastly, we study the Design of Engine components, 2 and 3-wheelers, Composite materials, FEA, Vehicle Dynamics, Automotive Pollution and Control, Vehicle Maintenance, Engine and Vehicle Management systems, Automotive Aero-dynamics, Robotics, Vehicle Body Engineering, Automotive Safety, and Marketing Management.

How to become an Automotive engineer?

There are not many engineering courses solely focused on Automotive engineering, and it is more of a specialization in mechanical engineering than anything else. So most automotive engineers first study mechanical engineering and then do an M.Tech or master’s in automotive engineering.

One can also become an Automotive engineer if they have done BTech in Material engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechatronics, Computer science, and engineering. As modern automobiles rely heavily on electricals, electronics, and computers, engineers from these fields sometimes add more value than those from mechanical engineering.

Career scope: Automotive engineering

With an Automotive engineering degree, apart from becoming an Automotive engineer, one can also become:

  • Automotive design engineer
  • Automotive designer
  • Automotive technician
  • Manufacturing engineer, etc.

Do I need a tutor for Automotive engineering?

Automotive engineering is complex, and some subjects may be challenging to deal with. As it is pretty math-heavy, you may sometimes need a private tutor. We suggest choosing an online tutor over the local tutors near you because of the better quality at a lower price. If you need help with your assignment/homework or want online tutoring sessions, our student helpline team is available 24×7 on WhatsApp. Text us, and we will help you.

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