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How much does online Bayesian Statistics tutoring cost?

The Online Bayesian Statistics tutoring cost depends on your grade/level and number of sessions and varies from tutor to tutor. For an idea, it costs anywhere from $20 to $40 per hour.

What is the cost of Bayesian Statistics homework help (labs, projects, essays, assignments, etc.)?

The cost of homework depends on the effort required to solve it. Share your assignment with us on WhatsApp, and we will check and quote you the fee.

About Bayesian Statistics

What is Bayesian Statistics?

Bayesian Statistics uses probability (especially the approach of Baye’s theorem) to approach statistical problems. In this method, we update our hypothesis or parameters based on the evidence (data) that pours in.

Bayesian inference is an essential tool, especially in mathematical statistics, and it is pretty mathematical. With the rise of computing power, the highly mathematical Bayesian approach, which was frowned upon in the past, is a method of choice for statistical analysis.

Some cool external resources

Check this excellent video by Julia Galef on A visual guide to Bayesian thinking.

For a more formal understanding of Bayesian Statistics, check this video by MIT OCW.

Bayesian vs. Frequentist approach

Advantages of Bayesian approach over Frequentist approach, namely:

  • It incorporates past data to form a ‘prior’ distribution for future analysis. With every new data pouring in, the ‘prior’ becomes stronger.
  • Results are easy to interpret.
  • Bayesian models are highly flexible.
  • Lesser probability of going wrong with the Bayesian model, as we need to write our assumptions explicitly, so we start from scratch.
  • It gives a better prediction.

Disadvantages of Bayesian approach over Frequentist approach

  • Selecting ‘prior’ is a problem because it does not tell us how to select a ‘prior.’
  • The priors heavily influence posterior distributions.
  • Requires high computational power

Important topics in Bayesian Statistics

  • Scientific Data Gathering
  • Displaying and Summarizing Data
  • Logic, Probability, and Uncertainty
  • Discrete Random Variables and its Bayesian Inference
  • Continuous Random Variables
  • Bayesian Inference for Binomial, Poisson, Normal proportion
  • Comparing Bayesian and Frequentist Inferences for Proportion and Mean,
  • Bayesian Inference for Difference Between Means, for Simple Linear Regression, for Standard Deviation, for Normal
  •  with Unknown Mean and Variance, for Multivariate Normal Mean Vector, for the Multiple Linear Regression Model
  • Robust Bayesian Methods
  • Computational Bayesian Statistics Including MCMC or Markov Chain Monte Carlo

(Topics credit: Introduction to Bayesian Statistics by William M. Bolstad, James M. Curran)

Can I learn Bayesian Statistics on my own, or do I need a tutor in Bayesian Statistics?

A course in Bayesian Statistics can be very simple to very complex, depending on your college and how deep they want you to dig in this subject. One can learn an introductory course in Bayesian Statistics on their own, but the advanced ones may require help from an expert.

If you want online tutoring and homework help in Bayesian Statistics, we can help. Drop us a message on WhatsApp; we are available 24×7. Our excellent Bayesian Statistics tutors are waiting to help you!

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