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Divya R

Student’s Rating 4.97/5

Divya R Tutor Photo
Knowledge 94%
Speed 100%
Accuracy 99%
  • College tutor for Statistics, Probability, Discreet Math, Algebra, Trigonometry, & Geometry tutoring online or near you.

Neeraj K

Student’s Rating 4.93/5

Neeraj K Tutor Photo
Knowledge 97%
Speed 95%
Accuracy 97%
  • Online College tutor for Physics, Calculus,  Algebra, Trigonometry & Geometry tutoring, test prep and homework help services

Shubhendu M

Student’s Rating 4.96/5

Shubhendu M Tutor photo
Knowledge 99%
Speed 96%
Accuracy 94%
  • College tutor for Calculus 1,2,3, Linear Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry etc. online or near you


MEB has good college level tutors

When I moved to college, I realized the importance of good college tutors. At this level, it is tough to find tutors. On my friend’s suggestion, I tried MEB, and I am so thankful to him. 

Nasser Al Marri

University of Qatar

Linear algebra tutoring for my college course

Linear algebra is quite tricky, and I tried many tutors only to find that they were not knowledgeable. After trying half a dozen college tutors, I finally found MEB, and these guys are excellent.

Darshan Vemuri

New Zealand

Perfect grades in Statistics homework help

I am studying business statistics in my college, and the homework given to us is not easy. I am taking the help of Divya R, a stat tutor at MEB, and she is getting me top grades in my homework, and I am learning from her step-by-step solutions. 

Eric Khachanov

Massachusetts, USA

College Tutor

Welcome to My Engineering Buddy, the place where college and university-level students come for high-quality college tutors.

We provide online tutoring, test preparation, and homework help services, especially to higher-level college students.

Finding a good tutor in college is tough. Those knowledgeable charge a lot, making them an impractical choice for hiring. On the other hand, those who take reasonable fees are usually not very good, especially for tough college-level subjects like Physics, Calculus, Math, Statistics, Chemistry, Algebra, writing, Accounting, Economics, Essay to name a few.

We provide a rare combination of high quality and affordability. That too for college-level tutoring!

If you search for “college tutor near me,”; the cost of tutoring is a lot higher than if you search for “online college tutors.” Apart from the lower price, online tutoring is also higher quality, making it an attractive option among college students.

With vast experience providing online tutoring and homework help to students of USA, Canada, UK, and Gulf countries, you can rest assured of the quality of our tutor for college students. NO matter which country and university you are studying, we can help you. To get started, contact us on WhatsApp, and we will help you right away. Talk to actual human beings when you connect with our student’s helpline on WhatsApp ( No more chatting with a bot).


How can I get homework help with my college assignments?

Contact us on Whatsapp and share your homework info. One of our tutors will check it and tell you the fee. Once you pay (Via PayPal or Credit Card), the tutor will start working on it, and you will get the solution well before the deadline.

How Can I get Online college tutoring?

Contact us on WhatsApp, and we will connect you with the college tutor of your choice.

What are the College tutor rates?

College grade tutor rates are usually higher than lower grade tutors (like high school and middle school tutors) by 50% approx. For example, if you are in high school and pay a tutor $30/hour, you need to pay around $45/hour for the exact tutoring in college.

I am tutor. Do you have College tutor jobs?

My Engineering Buddy or MEB always looks for high-quality college tutors for various college/university/engineering subjects. If you think you have the knowledge and skillset we are looking for, you can apply for a college tutor job. Check our “online tutoring jobs” page for more info.

Why finding a good college tutor is tough?

College-level subjects are more challenging, and few are good at it. Due to the lesser supply, the tutoring rates are higher, and finding a good college tutor is tougher.