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My Engineering buddy understands the importance of “Excellent customer experience,” and we are committed to providing you the same!

Do you remember the price you paid for dinner in a restaurant ten years ago? Do you remember the way the restaurant staff treated you?

More than 95% of people forget the price after ten long years, but they never forget how people treated them.

After a long time, all we are left with are good and bad memories of how we were treated and felt at a certain point. Most of the other things we forget.

We must provide excellent tutoring services. That means giving top tutors who can get top grades in your exams and homework. The price should also be affordable and should be value for money to our students. But what if you get a good service but had a bad experience? You might have got the best homework help service or an excellent tutoring session with one of the top tutors, but if they treated you poorly, you would be highly dissatisfied and would never like to contact them again.

We are human beings, and we expect other people to treat us with love, care, and respect.

We put a deep emphasis on excellent customer experience. So how do we ensure it?

Excellent tutoring and homework help service available 24×7

  • Top tutors with excellent subject knowledge
  • Highly effective tutoring methodology
  • Customized tutoring sessions
  • Friendly refund policy with an ever-vigilant grievance redressal team
  • Top grades guaranteed
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Step-by-step grade boosting solutions on time
  • Plagiarism-free accurate solutions
  • Money back guarantee
  • Instant solutions on WhatsApp


We treat each customer(student) with respect, and we try our best to make them happy. We don’t treat our clients differently as per their payment history etc.

Value privacy and confidentiality

We never share your info, homework solutions, or tutoring session details with anyone else. We know that it can be embarrassing for you if we share your details with others. Also, You may get unsolicited calls and messages, which might be very disturbing.

What if we are not able to provide a great customer experience?

We have a grievance redressal team who looks after the complaints of dissatisfied customers. Contact our 24×7 student helpline team or visit the grievance redressal page for more info.