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Pankaj K

Student’s Rating 4.97/5

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Knowledge 95%
Speed 100%
Accuracy 99%
  • I have more than 5 years of experience teaching Fusion 360 and related software. I provide online tutoring as well as homework/project help. WhatsApp now!

Neeraj K

Student’s Rating 4.93/5

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 95%
Accuracy 97%
  • I am highly experienced in Fusion 360. Learn simple to complex design concepts with applications in an online tutoring session. I can help with assignments, projects, and lab as well.

Manish A

Student’s Rating 4.92/5

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 91%
Accuracy 94%
  • With my easy-to-understand and engaging tutoring style, I will break your myth that Fusion 360 is tricky. I can also help with homework, projects, engineering designs, etc. WhatsApp for instant help.

Fusion 360: Student’s Reviews

I have started loving engineering design

I was not too fond of Fusion 360 and failed in it before I started taking online tutoring sessions from an expert tutor of MEB. After 11 sessions, I have started loving this. Thanks.


I got timely help with my Fusion 360 project

As my final year project, I had to design a skateboard using Fusion 360, which is ready to manufacture. My professor did not like my design and asked me to improve it. I took help from MEB and got top grades in the class!

Ahmad Almutairi

Food delivery Drones using fusion 360

We are into home delivery of fast food using drones. Even after 6 months of research, the drone was not very practical. We contacted MEB, and their experts improved our design tremendously.


#1 in Fusion 360 tutoring & homework help

How can MEB help you with Fusion 360?

Fusion 360 by AutoDesk is not just a 3D modeling and CAD (computer-aided design) software, but it is also packed with CAE, CAM, and PCB features.

Using it may be tricky, and if you are looking for a fusion 360 expert or “private tutor near me,” we can help.

We have a team of expert CAD tutors dedicated to fusion 360, so no matter what help you need, we can help.

We provide the following services:

  • Online tutoring sessions with a fusion 360 expert to give wings to your learning
  • Fusion 360 Assignment/homework help for struggling students or those lacking time
  • Design and manufacturing support for businesses using CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB.

Whom do we help with Fusion 360?

Students from the USA and Gulf make a significant chunk of our CAD-related services.

Many businesses also take our help designing new products with powerful CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB software like fusion 360.

Is this okay to get my homework done by an expert?

First of all, it is perfectly okay to pay someone to complete your homework.

We understand the ethical and moral dilemma associated with your homework being done by someone else. As long your intentions are good, getting help is okay.

Many students contact us for their assignments because they are experiencing severe academic pressure. They lack time to finish their homework before the deadline. Also, many teachers/professors dont teach ell and expect students to understand everything. It is practically impossible to understand and do all the homework under such circumstances. Many students try their best but can not get good grades, so they ask us for help. By providing step-by-step solutions, we ensure that they understand better and get better grades.

How it work?

I am a student. How do I get help with Fusion 360 online tutoring and homework help?

  1. Contact us on WhatsApp and let us know your requirements (details of homework, tutoring, essay, etc.)
  2. Pay the quoted fee
  3. Get it done!

We are a business looking for an expert in fusion 360 who can conceptualize and design our product ideas or improve an existing product. How to get started?

Kindly contact us on our 24×7 helpline on WhatsApp. We will connect you with an expert with whom you can discuss your requirements.

Why do Students choose MEB?

  • 85000+ Assignments solved
  • 79000+ tutoring sessions delivered
  • 6000+ 5-star reviews (average 4.93 rating)
  • 24×7 student helpline
  • Pay as you go (No long-term commitments)
  • We deliver what we promise

Why chose us for Fusion 360 tutoring and homework help?

Features that make MEB an ideal choice for online Fusion 360 tutoring services

  • Top Tutors with Excellent subject knowledge
  • Highly effective tutoring methodology
  • Customized tutoring sessions
  • Tutors with Neutral accent
  • Online whiteboard with instant 2-way collaboration facility
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • We cover Popular international locations
  • Instant homework solutions to meet ultra-tight deadlines
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  • Live sessions to Ace your exams and homework with an expert tutor
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  • Boost your grades (GPA): Don’t compromise your grades again
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How much does online Fusion 360 tutoring cost?

Online Fusion 360 tutoring costs anywhere from $20 to $40 per hour. The fee depends on your grade/level, number of sessions, the complexity of the subject/course, the assigned tutor, etc.

How much does Fusion 360 homework help cost?

The cost of a Fusion 360 homework depends on many factors viz number of questions, the complexity of the questions, proximity of the deadline, level of detail needed, availability of the tutor, and henceforth. To know the exact price, WhatsApp or check our pricing page for more information.

About Fusion 360

What is Fusion 360?

Fusion 360, as the name suggests, is not just CAD software; it is a cloud-based 3D modeling software and a fusion of CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB software platforms for product design and manufacturing.

With this, one can design and engineer products to ensure function, form, fit, and aesthetics. It also supports electronics and PCB design tools, so we dont need to use any other software for the same. Overall it saves plenty of time; hence it is easier and faster to launch and improve the products. (Source: Autodesk Fusion 360 official website)

Important terms used

CAD: Computer-Aided Design

CAM: Computer-Aided Manufacturing

CAE: Computer-Aided Engineering

PCB: Printed Circuit Board

3D modelingAs per Wikipedia, “3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical coordinate-based representation of any surface of an object (inanimate or living) in three dimensions via specialized software by manipulating edges, vertices, and polygons in a simulated 3D space.” Solid, Surface, and Mesh are types of 3D modeling.

FFF: In FFF or fused filament fabrication, the thermoplastic material is pushed through a heated nozzle to manufacture objects layer by layer.

SLA: Stereolithography is an additive manufacturing process based on Plastics. It is also called Resin 3D printing.

What do we study in Fusion 360?

Fusion 360 covers the following:

Fusion 360 fundamentals: Learn what fusion 360 can do and a quick walkthrough of the key features. Then learn the basic sketches and constraints used and how to use the solid modeling tools briefly. We further learn the design concepts needed to understand fusion 360, working with files and projects, etc. It also provides learning resources if you migrate from Solidworks or MasterCam software.

3D modeling: Basic sketching tools, Solid modeling, mesh modeling, 3D modeling, Part modeling, direct modeling, sheet metal, conceptual modeling fundamentals, and digital prototyping principles.

Assemblies: Collaborations in distributed design, basics of mechanical assemblies, and Assembly creation

Manufacturing – Milling, Turning and Inspection: Basics of milling and turning, 3D machining, tool library and templates, 3+2 and 3+1 milling and inspection.

Manufacturing – Additive Fusion 360 extensions: Additive FFF, SLA technology, and fusion 360 design for additive manufacturing.

Generative design: It enables us to set design objectives and generate a broad set of designs that meet the requirements. We can select the most optimal design for manufacturing using numerous exploration tools.

Electronics design: We can design circuits in fusion 360 and PCBs (printed circuit boards). We can create 3D models of these PCBs and see how well that fit within the product we have planned.

Simulation: Fusion provides various simulations to see how well our design will perform in the real world. We can see how well the plastic flows in a mold using injection modeling simulation. If the flow is not good, we won’t be able to manufacture that design. Likewise, there are simulations for linear and non-linear materials and thermal analysis.

Design documentation: Using Fusion 360 for drawings (drafting!).

(Source: AutoDesk’s Self-paced learning for Fusion 360)

Career opportunities in Fusion 360

A certification of Fusion 360 alone can’t get you a great job, but if you have mastered it, you can get a job as a 3D artist, product designer, etc., in various industries. Most companies, however, look for an engineering or science background because one can not design a highly useful and practical real-life product without knowing the fundamentals of science and engineering.

Can I learn Fusion 360 on my own?

There are various online resources available for free which you can use to learn Autodesk Fusion 360. Some concepts are easy to understand, while others may bug you forever. If you want to clarify your doubts from an expert, you can book private tutoring sessions to speed up your learning and improve your understanding.

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