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High-speed problem solving is essential to a student. As the wise say, “time is money.” It is valid for online tutoring sessions, homework help, and live sessions as well.

If you are a student, you can not waste one hour of tutoring sessions learning a concept that needs only 10 minutes to understand or 30 minutes to solve a problem that one should solve in only 10 minutes. Why pay for the inefficiency of the tutor?

Keeping this vital requirement of the students in mind, we at My Engineering Buddy ensures that our tutors can solve a problem in the quickest possible time. We are not here to set the world record for high-speed problem solving, but we are proud to say that our tutors are among the quickest problem solvers you will ever find (barring some exceptions, of course).

How does My Engineering Buddy ensure High-speed problem-solving?

Hire right tutors

Knowledge, speed, and accuracy are vital skills that we search for in our tutors. Knowledge is essential, but what is its use if the problem-solving speed is not good! Speed comes with experience and the number of years spent tutoring. Hence we hire only knowledgeable and experienced tutors who display high-speed problem-solving skills.

An incentive for higher speed

We reward tutors for finishing their job faster. We ask students for feedback where the tutor’s speed and efficiency are vital parameters. Tutors who are rated highly for their speed get attractive incentives. Those who get poor ratings for speed are trained or removed from our team.


We train our tutors to improve their efficiency and speed. We give tips and tricks to the tutors to improve their problem-solving time.

What should I do if my tutor is too slow?

Contact us on our 24×7 WhatsApp helpline, and we will investigate the matter and assign you a new tutor. We will compensate you for any time lost due to the slow speed of the tutor.

I have an assignment due in two hours. Can I rely on your tutors to finish it in time?

If the assignment can be done within 2 hours, we will send you the solutions before the deadline.

But what if you have a homework assignment that will take a minimum of 4 hours to solve and only 2 hours left?

In that case, we will employ two or even three tutors to do your work so that you can still finish it on time. But completing an assignment under such tight deadlines may cost as much as 3-4 times the regular fee. We club such requests under “live sessions.” Check our Live Sessions page for more info.