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Help with Solid geometry homework

Geometry in space or 3D geometry is quite complex because it involves situations in three dimensions that we can not draw on flat paper. I usually do well in math, but 3D geometry is something that I could never understand. Hence, I took help from the tutors of this site, which was a game-changer. Their step-by-step solutions were easy to follow as they were logical and made sense. I scored an A-. Thanks.

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What is Geometry?

Geometry means Geo=Earth and Metria=Measurement. Geometry is an ancient branch of Math along with Algebra and Trigonometry. In the USA, Kids start learning basic geometrical shapes like circles, squares, semicircles, etc., even before they start their preschool. However, a more formal geometry study starts in grade 9th or 10th. Whereas the more advanced courses in geometry like 3D geometry (geometry of space), Conic sections, etc., begin in grade 11th. Coordinate geometry deals with the more advanced concepts on geometry, and without an indispensable tool like the coordinates, it is hard to solve advanced problems in geometry.

Learning Geometry is pretty different from learning Algebra. Learning Algebra usually means learning numbers and equations, but geometry goes one step further and involves drawing the shapes. Correlating the drawing with numbers is a little more complex, and hence schools teach Geometry after they teach Algebra.

Popular searches related to Geometry homework help

How do you get the answers to geometry homework?

Google for the exact question, Learn on youtube, Try on your own, Get help from an expert, Ask your friends.

Is there an app that does geometry?

Yes. An app called Photomath does fundamental math problems, including Geometry.

What do you put on a geometry cheat sheet?

If there is enough space, you can list down all the formulas and theorems, but if space is limited, then only write down the most important ones, which you may forget in your exam.

Geometry topics

Geometry topics mainly fall under two broad sections: Plane Geometry and Solid Geometry.

1. Plane geometry

It covers shapes on a flat 2-dimensional surface like paper or a wooden plane. The three types of plane geometry are: spherical, Euclidian, and hyperbolic. The main topics in plane geometry are:

  • Triangles
  • Right-angled triangles
  • Equilateral and isoceles triangles
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Rectangle, Rhombus, Square,
  • Parallelogram, Trapezoid and Kite
  • Perimeter and area of plane shapes
  • Area of a polygon by drawing
  • Regular polygons and their properties
  • Circle, sector, and segment
  • Pi (π)
  • Circle theorems
  • Congruent and similar shapes
  • Angles, degrees, and radians
  • Congruent, interior, and exterior angles
  • Acute, right, obtuse, straight, and reflex angles
  • Supplementary and complementary angles
  • Using drafting tools like the protractor and compass
  • Transformations and symmetry
  • Cartesian coordinates
  • Coordinate geometry
  • Pythagoras theorem
  • Conic sections, eccentricity, and ellipse
  • Parabola and projectile motion
  • Hyperbola
  • Tangents and secants

2. Solid geometry

It is the geometry of 3-dimensional objects like a sphere or a cone. Here are some of the main topics that fall in the scope of solid geometry.

  • Polyhedra and non-polyhedra
  • Cubes and cuboids
  • Prisms and pyramids
  • Sphere and torus
  • Cylinder and cone
  • Polyhedron models
  • Spheroid
  • Cross-sections
  • Vertices, faces, and edges
  • Volume and surface area of a solid
  • Euler’s theorem
  • Hypercubes
  • Moment of an area
  • Pythagoras theorem in 3D