How Online Tutoring works?

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How online tutoring works?

First, to book a tutoring session with an amazing MEB tutor, please contact us on our WhatsApp. You can find the WhatsApp button at the bottom of this page (in the footer). Share your requirements with us and we will book the session at your preferred date and time.

Second, please pay the fee via PayPal (or by credit card). The session is confirmed once we receive your payment.

Third, join the session when the time comes. We will provide a link to join the session on your WhatsApp. You must be on a laptop or a tablet.

Thats it! The tutor will help you get top grades in your exams and homework. Feel free to ask all the questions that you have.

More about online tutoring

There are several advantages of online tutoring over the traditional face to face tutoring method. However, there are disadvantages as well.

Its most significant advantage is high-quality tutoring, as it is possible to connect with almost any tutor in the world who is ready to teach online. So we can choose the right tutor as per our needs. There are considerable savings in tutoring fees as well. You can hire a tutor who is from a country where teaching cost is low.

Its most significant disadvantage is the absence of tools to monitor and control the student, especially kids. The tutor can easily manage the kids in face-to-face tutoring, but it’s impossible to do so in an online environment. So for young students or kids, it’s important that parents also sit with them during each session. At times it can be problematic to the parents. For more mature students, especially high school and college students though this issue is not there.

How does online tutoring work at My Engineering Buddy?

We at My Engineering Buddy use an online whiteboard service to deliver online tutoring sessions. Currently, we offer 1:1 live tutoring sessions. So there is one tutor who gets connected to one student.

To book a tutoring session, you need to contact us on WhatsApp, and we will take down your request and connect you with the right tutor. Our online tutoring starts at just $25 per hour. You can make the payment as per your tutoring requirements.

The tutor will join you on our online whiteboard at the booked time. You can interact using the inbuilt voice call feature, or you can also use the chat.

Our online whiteboard allows the tutor to write using a digital pen+pad system or an iPad+ Apple Pencil system. You can view what he is writing and explaining in real-time. There is no lag at all. It makes learning very effective. Whiteboard has many features like uploading documents (Image file, PDF file). On the whiteboard, You can point to the tutor where you have difficulty understanding. This real-time collaboration makes the tutoring sessions very effective.

Regular Sessions are those sessions that a Student book well in advance for a future Date and Time. It’s is as per his convenience, provided any tutor is also available at his preferred time. Such a session is helpful when a student needs tutoring regularly. It works best when student books same or few favourite tutors all the time. It helps in accelerated learning over an extended period.

In a Connect-Now Session, the student gets paired to any tutor available for the subject, and there is no need to book in advance. The student gets connected to any random tutor available. It is great if the student wants instant help in any question or concept and is ok with any tutor associated with him.