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If you want an expert to solve the homework questions live because you want to see the strategy used in solving a problem, then live sessions with an expert tutor (real-time homework help) service is for you. Or, if there is hardly any time left for homework help and you want an expert to help you solve it right away, live sessions are for you.

My Engineering Buddy understands your homework help needs very well, so we provide high-quality live sessions with an expert tutor at an affordable fee.

What are live sessions with an expert tutor?

Real-time homework help, as the name suggests, is a homework help service in which the tutor solves your homework/assignment questions live. You can interact and ask questions related to their solutions in real-time. There is no need to wait hours to get a reply from the tutor, as the tutor is available to clear your doubts in real-time.

Live session, instant homework help, live homework help, instant assignment help, live assignment help, etc., are other names for the same service. 

The advantages of live sessions

  • No need to wait a long time for the solutions. 
  • The tutor can solve it and keep sharing the steps with you so that you can ask your doubts if needed. There is no wasted time asking and waiting to get answers for your doubts/clarifications.
  • The tutor can solve it as per your instructions/rubrics, and there are no surprises (different steps than your professor/teacher.)
  • If the deadline is too close and you can not risk your grades.
  • We can assign a different tutor if the student does not like how the tutor solves it.
  • It is more efficient for the tutor too. Because often, the instructions are unclear, and the tutor can not finish the homework as they wait for the student’s reply.
  • Students can instantly check the answers to their college/university homework portal and provide feedback to the tutor.
  • Improved and more efficient learning.

The disadvantages of live sessions

  • Students can use it for cheating in an exam/quiz/test or any offline/online assessment!
  • The student needs to be present while the tutor is solving the questions, which can sometimes be inconvenient.
  • Higher charges as only top experts can solve a homework in real-time, and their charges are much higher than a regular homework helper.

In what situations you may require live sessions (real-time help)

  • The deadline is too close, and you don’t want to risk your grades
  • You want to understand how a tutor solves a problem instead of figuring it out on your own
  • You want to give specific instructions to the tutor regarding your homework
  • You want to test a tutor if he knows the subject or not
  • You don’t want to spend hours in to and fro communication with the tutor in case some of the solutions are wrong.

How does My Engineering Buddy’s real-time homework help work?

We keep it simple. Contact us on WhatsApp, let us know your requirement, and mention “live session, instant homework help, real-time help, etc.,” and we will assign you our top experts for your homework/assignment. Please be informed that the charges can be as high as 2 to 3 times regular homework help.

Once you pay the fee, we will connect you with our live homework help tutor, and you are good to go.

What are the charges for live sessions?

The charges for regular homework depend on the amount of time and effort required to solve it. In the case of real-time homework help, the charges are 2 to 3 times more.

What are the subjects for which we provide live sessions with an expert tutor?

We provide real-time help with all the subjects, for which we provide regular homework help. We cover 100+ subjects. If you are not sure whether we can help or not, feel free to ask us on Whatsapp. Our 24×7 student helpline team will clear all your doubts.

How are live sessions with an expert tutor service different from regular homework help?

Regular homework help service vs. Live sessions differences are as below:

  1. The tutor is not available to chat in real-time Vs. the tutor is available for live chat
  2. A good tutor does your homework Vs. the best tutor does your homework
  3. Charges are lower Vs. the charges are 2-3 times higher
  4. Only applicable for the more extended deadlines Vs. valid only for deadlines you are sure to miss!

Are there exclusive tutors for live sessions?

Yes! As live sessions (or the real-time homework help service) requires an excellent grasp of the subject, we only assign our top tutors and subject matter experts who can solve your questions without taking much time. Apart from knowledge, the two major factors we see in a tutor are their speed and accuracy in solving problems.

My Engineering Buddy employs only highly knowledgeable tutors and subject experts. Still, those who have proficient in problem-solving and possess excellent problem-solving speed and accuracy are assigned live help sessions.

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