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Divya R

Student’s Rating 4.97/5

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Knowledge 94%
Speed 100%
Accuracy 99%
  • Biology tutoring online or near you, HW help, AP, MCAT, SAT test prep etc

Neeraj K

Student’s Rating 4.93/5

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 95%
Accuracy 97%
  • Tutor for Biology. Biology Homework help and MCAT test prep

Shubhendu M

Student’s Rating 4.96/5

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Knowledge 99%
Speed 96%
Accuracy 94%
  • Get homework help with your biology course. Cover College and high school level.

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I aced my online biology homework

Our professor assigns a lot of biology homework on Canvas. I had trouble answering many questions, and hence I took help. The quality of service was excellent and also affordable.

Nasser Al Marri

University of Qatar

College biology tutoring

Although I can study biology independently, I prefer discussion sessions with my private tutor to speed up my understanding and make my study time more productive. Due to better learning in a shorter time, I am getting excellent grades in my college.

Darshan Vemuri

New Zealand

Doctor of Medicine aspirant preparing for MCAT

I am a wannabe Doctor of Medicine. Since my childhood, I have dreamed of becoming one. Although still in high school, I am preparing for MCAT. Although challenging, I am enjoying the tutoring sessions with my tutor for biology.

Eric Khachanov

Massachusetts, USA

Online Biology Tutoring

How can MEB help you in Biology?

We at MEB provide only the best tutors for biology. Our tutors have vast experience providing online biology tutoring and biology homework help. We also offer standardized Test Preparation in AP Biology, MCAT Biology, SAT Biology, etc. No matter what help you need in biology, our tutors can help you.

As we hire and retain only the best biology tutors, you will get the best help every time. Top grades guaranteed.

Some of the services that we provide are as below.

  • Private 1:1 live online biology tutoring sessions: You can virtually learn the concepts with an experienced tutor and get real-time answers to all your doubts. We provide biology tutoring for all grades, college, high school, or middle school.
  • Biology Homework Help: You can send your homework questions and get the step-by-step solutions before the deadline.
  • Standardized test preparation: Get services like AP Biology tutoring, MCAT Biology tutoring, SAT Biology tutoring, etc.

About Biology

What is Biology?

Bio=Life. Logy=Branch of study. Hence biology means the study of life. (Check Khan Academy page on Biology for more info.)

What do we study in Biology?

Biology is an ever-evolving science. Humankind is still trying to answer questions like- Can we control aging and become immortal? Can we create a machine with intelligence (like living beings, especially humans? It is a big field where a lot of research is going on, and we know it by Artificial intelligence). Also, there are old branches like Anatomy and Physiology on which researches are still going on.

Let us look at the branches of biology from a layman’s perspective.
  • How did life evolve, and how is it developing further? We study these things under Evolutionary biology. Currently, we are also researching on: Why we are born? Why do we die? Can we modify ourselves to become more powerful Physically and intellectually? 
  • How do we pass our genes to the next generation and keep evolving? Pattern baldness in males is connected to heredity and it is because of a gene that kills the body’s hair follicles, especially at the crown. Likewise, we pass on many information to our offspring through genes. A scientific study of heredity and genes is called Genetics.
  • How can we improve the quality of life and its span by using drugs (medicines)? Pharmacology is the field devoted to it.
  • Our immunity has become a hot topic after COVID 19 pandemic. People have realized how much our bodies save us from the external environment by having their fighting mechanism called immunity. We study immunity and related topics in Immunology.
  • The nervous system is complicated in a majority of living beings. It passes information from one cell to another so that the body (a collection of many cells) can work coherently and more efficiently. Neurons do this messenger work, and this field itself is called Neuroscience.
  • We can study life at different levels. At the cell level, we call it Cell biology, whereas, at the molecular level, it is called Molecular biology. And at the micro-level, it is called Microbiology
  • There are various animals on earth, and we (human beings) are also animals. The study of animals is called Zoology. Likewise, there are many plants on earth, and a scientific study of plants is called Botany.
  • Every living being requires energy to carry out various functions like movement, reproduction, growth, etc. There are chemicals involved in energy production, transmission, and utilization. It is called metabolism, and it is a part of Biochemistry. Likewise, all the processes involve some chemicals, and we call them hormones. Hormones act as a regulator of metabolism. Structural biology and Enzymology are two other fields of biochemistry apart from Metabolism.
  • Living beings disturb the natural environment on earth. So much so that the fear of global warming is more real than we