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Shubhendu M

Student’s Rating 4.96/5

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Knowledge 99%
Speed 96%
Accuracy 94%
  • Precalculus, Calculus 1, Calculus2, Calculus 3, AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC

Vikram S

Student’s Rating 4.93/5

Knowledge 97%
Speed 91%
Accuracy 94%
  • Precalculus, Calculus 1, Calculus2, Calculus 3, AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC

Manish A

Student’s Rating 4.92/5

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 91%
Accuracy 94%
  • Precalculus, Calculus 1, Calculus2, Calculus 3, AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC

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Very tough transition from precalculus to calculus 1

Calculus 1 is one of the most challenging subjects I have ever read, and the concepts introduced in it are mind-boggling. It took me over 3 months to start understanding calculus 1, thanks to the online tutoring services of MEB. 💜

Dana Kazan
University of Colorado

Calculus 1 HW done in 2 hrs.

I had a calculus 1 HW due in 2 hrs. I knew I would fail to do it in time as there were 25 questions, and none of them were easy. I got connected to the calculus tutor of MEB, and the tutor was lightning fast. I finished it just in time. Wow!

Columbia University NY

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

When I needed calculus 1 help the most, I found MEB. They have the best calculus 1 tutors (of course, they have fantastic calculus 2,3 tutors). Half the semester was over, and my grade was C, and they made it A-.

A Almutairi
Dayton University

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Calculus 1 tutoring online

Welcome to MEB, the best online tutoring and homework help service on the web where you can get help with many advanced level subjects including calculus 1.

We guarantee top grades. We are so sure about it because we hire only the best tutors and those who are really an expert in the subject remains with us. Whether you need online tutoring in calculus 1 or you need help with your  homework, we are here to help you. Fast, accurate and affordable service.

How would My Engineering Buddy online calculus 1 tutoring help me?

Our experienced online calculus 1 tutors help students learn calculus 1 to perform well in their class and ace their exams. These experienced Calculus teachers will help you master the basics of calculus. It is easy to reach us on WhatsApp and book an online calculus 1 tutoring session with an expert tutor of your choice.

We are operational 24 X 7 and serve students from all around the globe. Many of our students are from the USA, the UK, including Great Britain and Ireland, Korea, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. We get tutoring requests from students from many colleges and universities, including the University of Maryland, University College Cork (Ireland), and the University of Jordan.

Our tutors can help you learn problem-solving techniques and prepare notes for easy reference for quizzes and exams. You can also seek their assistance for homework, assignments, and everything else related to calculus 1. You could also take some precalculus tutoring sessions if you want to revisit and solidify the fundamental concepts necessary for calculus 1. You can learn about logarithmic, exponential, trigonometric, and polynomial functions that form the basis of calculus 1.

How is learning calculus 1 helpful?

Learning calculus 1 well will help you score top grades in your class and set you up for success in many other subjects. Calculus is, perhaps, the most widely used tool in academia and industry. The mathematical models that calculus offers are the most powerful methods to arrive at an optimal solution.

Professionals in physics, engineering (e.g. Engineering Statics (Mechanics 1)), statistics and probability, economics, and medicine, to name a few vital disciplines, use calculus to solve real problems. For example, physics extensively uses calculus in many of its concepts, from the basic to the most advanced ones. Differential equations, an area of mathematics, commonly used in physics, have their roots in calculus.

What is considered calculus 1?

The syllabus in calculus 1 covers differentiation in one variable and its rules, including differentiation of most types of functions and composite functions. It also includes solutions by approximations and basic integration techniques.

What else do we cover in Calculus?

In Calculus, we cover Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Differential Equations, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC and PreCalculus. We provide Calculus Homework Help in all courses on calculus.

Best books for calculus 1 reference

  • Stewart calculus: Early transcendentals (Bible & Quran of calculus!)
  • The Calculus Primer (Dover Books on Mathematics) by William L. Schaaf. Publisher: Dover Publications
  • Calculus Essentials For Dummies by Mark Ryan. Publisher: Wiley
  • Calculus Volume 1 (Open Textbook Library) by Gilbert Strang, Edwin Herman. Publisher: OpenStax
  • Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus P. Thompson, Martin Gardner. Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
  • Calculus: An Intuitive and Physical Approach (Dover Books on Mathematics) by Morris Kline. Publisher: Dover Publications
  • The Humongous Book of Calculus Problems (Humongous Books) by W. Michael Kelley. Publisher: DK Publishing

What we cover?

We offer Online tutoring, Homework help, Exam preparation,  Lab reports and projects in Calculus 1.

Get help with homework given on

  • Mastering MyMathLab calculus,
  • WebAssign Calculus
  • WileyPlus Calculus
  • McGraw Hill Connect Calculus
  • Calculus HW given on Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle etc.

If you are looking for self study  check Paul’s online notes on calculus 1 (will open in a new tab)

Calculus 1 topics

  • Limits and continuity
  • Derivatives
  • Differentiability
  • Power rule
  • Product rule
  • Quotient rule
  • Chain rule
  • Differentiating inverse functions
  • Derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions
  • Second derivatives
  • Logarithmic differentiation
  • Approximation with local linearity
  • L’Hôpital’s rule
  • Mean value theorem
  • Analyzing functions
  • Second derivative test
  • Integrals
  • Defining integrals with Riemann sums
  • Properties of definite integrals
  • Integrating with u-substitution
  • Integrating using trigonometric identities
  • Applications of integrals