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Divya R

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  • Micro & Macro Economics tutoring online or near you for Engineering, College, High school. Homework help and Online tutoring by top tutor.

Neeraj K

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  • Get homework help and private tutoring online or near you in AP microeconomics and AP Macroeconomic as well as general economics course in college and school.

Shubhendu M

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  • Economics (Micro & Macro) Economics Online Tutoring ,Homework Help and AP Test Prep by experienced and well qualified tutor. Instant help. Top grades.


Microeconomics tutor for my assignment

I had trouble doing the first assignment given by our professor. I thought economics would be an easy subject, but only after attending the classes realize that it is not the case. The concepts were confusing, and I had to get help from an economics tutor to get my homework done.


Las Vegas

Took 37 Macroeconomics tutoring sessions in a month

My economics exam was only a month away, and I had not studied macroeconomics at all. I hired a tutor for economics at MEB, and we did 37 sessions together in a month. It was enough to make me master this subject. Thanks for the great tutoring sessions.

Khalid Al Zaheri

San Jose

6 Months of AP economics tutoring sessions

Initially, I thought I would prepare for AP economics independently, but the doubts kept piling up as time progressed. A point came when I lost all hope and thought I should drop the course. However, when I hired an online economics tutor from MEB, things got back to normal.

Peter Orwell


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Economics Tutor

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You can book sessions with a tutor for economics by contacting our student helpline via WhatsApp. As economics is a part of the curriculum at various academic levels, we have a team of tutors to cater to the students of all grades and educational systems. Our student helpline representatives will pair you with the economics private tutor best suited to your requirements.

You can also get economics homework help and economics project assistance from our online economics tutors. Suppose you want tutorials for related subjects like math or statistics and probability. In that case, you can visit our online math tutoring and online statistics and probability tutoring pages, respectively, for more details.

What is economics?

Economics is a branch of social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. It deals with how individuals, governments, businesses, and nations make their choices about resource allocation. Economics analyzes human actions, assuming that humans act rationally and seek maximum benefit or utility from a situation.

It also studies labor and trade, some of the major building blocks of economics. Finally, economics determines which methods, among the possible applications of human labor and different ways of resource acquisition, yield the best results. Productivity and efficiency are some of the most critical parameters for economists. According to economic theory, a higher standard of living is possible with more efficient use of resources and increased productivity.

Branches of economics

Microeconomics and macroeconomics are the two main divisions of economics.


Microeconomics deals with the economic decision-making processes of individual consumers, households, firms, government agencies, or a business/organization. The microeconomics professionals explain their response to price fluctuations and the demand-supply equation at a particular price point by analyzing specific aspects of human behavior.

Microeconomics is the theory that explains why we value different goods di