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Shubhendu M

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  • Calculus 1,2,3, AP Calculus AB & BC

  • Differential Equations

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  • Calculus 1,2,3, AP Calculus AB & BC

  • Mathematical and Numerical Analysis (Real and Complex)

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 91%
Accuracy 94%
  • Calculus 1,2,3, AP Calculus AB & BC

  • Differential Equations (Ordinary and Partial)


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We offer following Calculus tutoring services:

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The entire Calculus syllabus is generally divided in universities in four parts and those four parts generally have the following topics:

PreCalculus: before starting the Calculus course.

Calculus 1: Differential calculus (in a single variable) including calculating slope of a curve, maxima, minima and limits

Calculus 2: Integral calculus (in a single variable) including integration techniques, improper integrals, power series, Taylor series, infinite sequences and series, polynomials and their numerical approximations and convergence tests etc.

Calculus 3: Multivariable functions, algebra and geometry of vectors, tangent planes and double and triple integrals

Calculus 4: It is an intensive and highly advanced course that builds on Calculus 1, 2 and 3.

Differential equations is also part of higher level calculus specially the higher order ODE (Ordinary Differential equations) and PDE (Partial Differential equations).

AP: AP calculus AB tutorAP Calculus BC tutor

Best Online Calculus Tutoring Service

MEB provides high-quality and affordable online tutoring services in calculus. 

Calculus is divided into two broad categories: Differential calculus and Integral calculus. Essential calculus deals with one variable only (usually x), Whereas, Multivariate calculus is used to study more complex and generalized calculus in space or 3D. Differential calculus, especially the one involving higher orders, is quite an advanced calculus course. 

A more theoretical approach to calculus is divided into two main categories and one is Real Analysis, and another one is Complex Analysis. 

We divide calculus tutors into the following groups based on the topics covered:

Precalculus tutor

As the name suggests, precalculus covers topics that come before calculus. You need to know these topics to start your calculus journey, and it covers the tools needed to start studying calculus 1. College algebra and analytical geometry are the core of precalculus. Our precalculus tutors provide 1:1 online sessions where you can learn all the complexities of precalculus. Unless you become proficient in precalculus, there is no way you can understand calculus 1. 

Calculus 1 tutor

Calculus 1 is the most basic calculus course. It quickly recaps the precalculus course on functions, graph plotting, domain, range, etc., before moving on to its first main topic, “Limits.” Once you learn limits, a graphical explanation of differentiation is provided. Here you learn about differentiation as a measure of a rate change or d/dx. You derive several formulas from the basics, making it easier for you to differentiate complex functions. Then you will study the applications of differentiation. 

Integration is introduced graphically as a limit of sums, the same way we introduced differentiation as a measure of the rate change. Again, several integration formulas are derived from the basics to perform complex integration calculations quickly and efficiently. You will study basic applications of integrals. Our calculus 1 tutor provides 1 on 1 online session where you can interact directly with the tutor and learn calculus 1 and its tricks. Once you understand calculus 1, you can learn the more advanced calculus 2.

Calculus 2 tutor

Calculus 2 starts where calculus 1 stops. You will study how to integrate more complicated functions. After that, you will learn how to use integration to solve complex problems like volumes of solids of revolutions and are of the surface of revolutions. You will also learn how to calculate arc length. Then follows the basics of differential equations and the infinite sequence and series. Divergence and convergence give a tough time to even the brightest calculus students. You can get private 1 on 1 virtual live tutoring in calculus 2 from one of our best calculus 2 tutors online (also called calc 2 tutors).

Calculus 3 tutor

Vectors and geometry of space, including conic sections, arc length and curvature, vector functions, and partial derivative, is covered in calculus 3. Please get in touch with us on WhatsApp to start with one of our calculus 3 tutors right away.

Calculus 4 tutor

If you want to learn complicated topics like multiple integrals, vector calculus, complex analysis (contour integrals), Fourier analysis, etc., covered in calculus 4, then MEB tutors can help you. Contact us on our WhatsApp to get world-class live online calculus 4 tutors and start acing all your exams and homework now!

Differential equations tutor

Both Ordinary and Partial differential equations come under advanced differential equations courses. We provide calculus tutors for First-order, second-order, and nth-order differential equations. To connect with one of our differential equations tutors, feel free to WhatsApp us, and we will guide you on how you can get online calculus help.

( source: The above segregation of calculus into calculus 1,2,3,4 is as per Columbia University New York. Please note that different colleges may follow slightly different topics in their syllabus, but more or less, this segregation is widely used. Click on this link to read the actual page of Columbia University, where this segregation of calculus topics is done. )

Apart from what we have already mentioned above, My Engineering Buddy can help you with almost anything related to calculus tutoring, viz. 


Can I learn calculus on my own?

Yes. You can. In fact we have written an article on “How to learn calculus in 2022 (6 easy steps)“. Check this out. You will find it really useful.

How much does calculus tutoring cost?

We at MEB offer very affordable tutoring rates, starting at just $20 per hour, and it is at least 50% less than our competitors on average.

How do I find a tutor for calculus?

Checking with your friends and family can be an excellent point to start your search. You can also search on google. Reading online forums and directory sites may also help.

Can I tutor calculus?

If you have very sound knowledge of calculus, you can also become a calculus tutor. You can start with online tutoring, and If you have a flair for tutoring, you can quickly build a good student base and earn healthy money. Check our online tutoring jobs page if you want to apply as a calculus tutor.

How much should I pay my Math tutor?

Depending upon the grade and complexity of your syllabus, you can pay a math tutor anywhere from $15 per hour to $150 per hour. You can get top math tutors at MEB starting at just $20. 

Online Calculus tutor at My Engineering Buddy will change the way you look at calculus. The popular notion that Calculus is very tough is a deterrent for many students that stops them from even attempting to learn it properly. While a subject may be tough for someone, the same person may find another subject very easy: it changes from person to person and that is true for every subject. Calculus is a subject widely taught and studied in schools and universities. What we also, however, know for sure that Calculus is among the most used mathematical tools applied in other important subjects like Physics, Engineering Mechanics 1 (Statics), Economics, Medicine, Chemistry and Statistics. This is because Calculus can measure change and, more specifically, continuous change in a way that no other branch of mathematics can claim to do.

The excellent and experienced online Calculus tutors at My Engineering Buddy provide a unique learning environment where the schedule can be decided by you and you can mention your specific requirements to the tutor unlike a large class where it is difficult to get the teacher’s attention to clarify any doubts or ask questions. The approach to learning and problem-solving is also personalized for you in a way so that you can derive maximum benefits from the online tutoring sessions. The online whiteboard technology used by us is a proven tool running on a reliable software platform that is completely equipped with a chat tool, clear audio transmission and document sharing features. You can get problem-solving and project report help from the tutor during the session and learn how to tackle various types of problems that you are likely to encounter during your Calculus courses.

We have made it very easy for you to book online Calculus tutoring session. You can directly contact our student helpline using WhatsApp chat (found on every page of the website). The session can be booked for an individual student or for a small group of students who want to learn the subject together. You can pay for an single session or book a multi-session package using Paypal. Once the payment is received and the session is confirmed, you will be sent the details of how to join the online whiteboard where the tutor will also be present.

Online Calculus tutor working with us are well-trained to provide the best private learning experience to the students who trust us for it. We have tried our best to keep the fees as affordable as possible while providing high quality personalized online education. In a highly unlikely scenario in which you want to try learning from a different tutor, you may let the student helpline know about your requirements and we will do our best to map you to a tutor who is better suited to teach you according to your requirements. We always appreciate and listen closely to your feedback as it helps us serve you better.

We look forward to help you learn Calculus in a way that helps you not only perform well academically and get good grades but also develop an affinity and deep understanding of the subject and its application in other subjects and areas of advanced studies and research. If you have any further questions, feel free to visit our Online Tutoring page and the FAQ section and/or contact us on WhatsApp. Connect with one of our online Calculus tutor now and improve your grades quickly.

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