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V Handuja

Student’s Rating 4.96/5

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Knowledge 98%
Speed 92%
Accuracy 93%

Online Chemistry tutor with “8 years of experience. Doing a Ph.D. in chemistry from IIT Delhi, #1 College of India. Highly rated by students.

Ankesh J

Student’s Rating 4.86/5

Ankesh J tutor Photo
Knowledge 92%
Speed 100%
Accuracy 93%

Best Chemistry tutor. Have “8 years of experience. B tech Mechanical Engineering. Top Chegg tutor”

Hemendra K

Student’s Rating 4.88/5

Hemendra K Tutor Photo
Knowledge 91%
Speed 93%
Accuracy 94%

Chemistry tutoring Online “15 years of experience. B tech Degree in Marine Engineering from #1 college of India”


Exceptional tutors

The chemistry tutors at My Engineering Buddy are par excellence. I had taken help from three different tutors who helped me thoroughly understand the critical concepts from scratch. Their teaching methods are exceptional.

Patricia Thomas
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Excellent service at affordable fees

My chemistry sessions with My Engineering Buddy helped me get A+ in my exams. I learned the best problem-solving techniques from them, and that played a significant role in my success. The fee they charge is pocket-friendly.

Amir Habeeb
The American University in Cairo

I got help when I needed it most

I had missed a month of university classes due to illness. My chemistry tutor at My Engineering Buddy helped me get back to speed with the rest of the course. I performed well beyond my expectations.

James Strauss
University of Glasgow

Online Chemistry Tutor

How can My Engineering Buddy help me with online chemistry tutoring?

My Engineering Buddy is the best place to find a qualified and experienced online chemistry tutor. We help you connect with the best tutors for on-demand private virtual chemistry lessons. Our tutors have helped thousands of college and university chemistry students learn chemistry and get top grades. With their help, you can learn everything from inorganic to organic chemistry and the topics covered in AP chemistry. They also help you plan your chemistry tutorials better. It enables you to prioritize lessons and get the maximum value out of your time. Our online chemistry tutoring service can help you gain confidence and perform well in class.

What is special about online chemistry tutoring by My Engineering Buddy?

We help students with everything in chemistry learning, whether it be a short refresher session for an upcoming quiz or covering the complete chemistry syllabus for the entire semester. Our outstanding team of tutors will boost your learning in no time.

With the tutor’s complete personal attention, you can get on a fast learning curve. You can work with the tutor to tailor-make your learning plan to suit your requirements.
You can connect with our 24X7 student helpline on WhatsApp to select an expert chemistry tutor who fits your needs. Once you have booked a session, you shall click on the online whiteboard link sent to you using a computer or a tablet device. Using the online whiteboard, you can interact with the tutors and share documents like topics, lecture notes, and problems requiring the tutor’s help. It will help you discuss key terms and equations to clarify any doubts or better your understanding. The tutor can also teach you the entire chapter based on your specific requirements.
The personalized sessions work very well for a large percentage of students for the reasons we will mention now. Many students learn best with 1:1 interaction with the teacher, which is almost non-existent in a typical large classroom. There is also the situation where a student wants to revise a topic already covered in the class. Some students require tutoring sessions when they miss a regular university session. Lastly, the personalized online sessions are beneficial to learning fundamental equations, formulas, and problem-solving techniques.

Who are the online chemistry tutors at My Engineering Buddy?

Our tutors are a select group of professional teachers with vast experience in teaching chemistry to students from all over the globe. They dedicate themselves to helping students learn engineering subjects with ease. They do it by employing the best teaching techniques and efficient ways to solve questions.

From where do students contact us for chemistry tutoring classes?

Students from a wide range of geographies book our chemistry online tutoring classes. They include students from the University of Portland, University of Denver, Creighton University, Khalifa University, and University of Jordan with tutoring sessions, homework help, and project and lab reports. This Students from all parts of the world, including Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the USA, Ireland, and the UK, contact us using the WhatsApp button on our website to book affordable chemistry tutoring sessions.

Which chemistry textbooks form the basis of the online classes?

Our tutors will follow the syllabus and guide materials specific to your course requirements. Most of the students request that they follow the following textbooks for key terms and equations:

  • General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications by Ralph Petrucci (Author), F. Herring (Author), Jeffry Madura (Author), Carey Bissonnette
  • Chemistry: A Molecular Approach by Nivaldo Tro
  • Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry by Karen C. Timberlake

What is chemistry?

Chemistry is often called the central science. It is a subject chiefly concerned with atomic and molecular structure and its change through chemical reactions. It is a stream of science that involves the study of the structure, composition, and properties of matter. Academic institutions usually divide it into five broad sub-disciplines:  inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, and analytical chemistry.

Chemistry Topics