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I could not handle so many courses, so I decided to outsource the homework to MEB college algebra tutors. Their step-by-step solutions to my homework problems made sense to me, and when in doubt, I clarified many of their steps. With minimal effort, I passed the college algebra class. It was my last math class, and I am happy that math can not torture me anymore. I want to mention that my tutor Vikram was highly patient with me.


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College Algebra Tutoring Online

College algebra is a misnomer for a fast-paced remedial high school algebra course taught to college students. It is not a college-level course on advanced algebra, and it consists of a quick review of algebra 1 and focuses mainly on algebra 2. However, some advanced topics not already covered in algebra 1 and 2 are also covered in college algebra. Some colleges call it algebra 3, while others treat it as precalculus without trigonometry.

How can MEB help with College Algebra?

MEB (My Engineering Buddy) has a team of top math algebra tutors who are experts in algebra. They have vast experience teaching online students like you, and they provide 100% plagiarism-free solutions every time you need any help. Our tutoring charges are very competitive. Comparing our college algebra tutoring fees with a “college algebra tutor near me,” it’s almost half. So you can save plenty of money by choosing us. Our tutor can help with homework/assignments, and they also provide 1:1 live online tutoring sessions. 

College algebra online tutoring service

We use an online whiteboard with or without a voice to deliver our college algebra online sessions. You can ask your questions by uploading your files, texting them in the integrated chat window, or speaking it on voice call. Since the tutors are pretty knowledgeable, they will answer your questions as soon as you ask them. Being a private 1:1 session, you don’t need to worry about your pace, and you can learn as per your comfort and your preferred timings. 

Even a few hours of tutoring sessions help improve your understanding of the subject because, during sessions, the tutors will give you feedback about what you are doing wrong and what mistakes to avoid in the future. You can combine self-study with a few private tutoring sessions once a week, which will be enough to put your college algebra learning on the fast track. 

College algebra homework help

Sometimes teachers are unreasonable with their homework. They assume that you are only studying college algebra and nothing else. At other times, you find it hard to finish because you cannot understand them even after several attempts. Whatever the case be, if you need help with your college algebra homework, we can help. Our charges are pretty reasonable, and you will appreciate the quality of work that we deliver. On-time. All the time. Our tutors know the importance of plagiarism-free solutions, so you do not need to worry about anything else when you deal with us. You will always have peace of mind.

Getting help is straightforward. Message us on WhatsApp, and we will take it from there. It is as easy as dealing with your friend.

About college algebra

A college algebra course is less intensive (syllabus wise) than the algebra taught in high schools (pre-algebra, algebra 1, and algebra 2), but due to its fast pace and some additional topics, most students struggle with it. So if you are wondering, “is college algebra hard?” the answer is No! College algebra is hard for most students not because college algebra is inherently hard, but because the circumstances under which they take this course make it so. 

Think about it. In the USA, algebra is spread over grade 8 (pre-algebra), grade 9 (algebra 1), and grade 11th (algebra 2). Even if we consider algebra 1 and 2, it is a two-year course. In contrast, college algebra is a one-semester remedial course. So learning something in 6 months that was initially designed for 24 months is not easy. 

College algebra is a course offered to students who have not already taken algebra 1 and 2 in their high school or college feel they are behind in math.

There is no prerequisite to the college algebra course because you are already on the “ground floor” if you are asked to do this course!

There are many reasons why you may be “behind” in math algebra:

  • Being out of school for way too long, so you have a learning gap
  • You did not put enough effort into high school. Learning takes time, but you did not give enough time to algebra
  • You have a fear of math, or your brain is wired differently (e.g., Discalculi=inability to deal with numbers)
  • Being a slow learner, you can not keep up with the pace of the school

Only 1/10th of the college algebra students take any higher math course. In other words, college algebra is a dead end as far as their math learning is concerned.(source

Although many colleges claim that college algebra courses can prepare students for more rigorous math courses in the future, the truth is precisely the opposite. Those who wanted to pursue higher math and calculus did so already in their high school by preparing for AP, SAT, etc. The fact that a college has to put a student on a remedial course like college algebra shows that the student has not done well in their math courses before. So those taking college algebra courses are already at the lower half of the math taking students, and expecting them to learn something in 6 months that they could not in 2 years is questionable.

In an article published by MAA (Mathematical Association of America), they even say that College Algebra is a cash cow for many colleges. Hence, they force students to take it even if it is not very useful for the students. 

How to learn college algebra?

Solving college algebra problems requires your time and patience. When working on a question, your 100% focus should be on solving that question, and you must cut down the distraction. Choosing a good book (e.g., Blitzer’s college algebra) and sticking to it for the entire course helps develop your concepts. If you read too many books simultaneously, you will waste your time because every author has their style of explaining things, and you must be wondering which one to follow. 

Keeping a formula sheet and workbook handy is helpful. You can watch tutorials on Khan academy or similar YouTube channels for free when in doubt. You can also ask doubts from your TA and professors, and they can be a lot more helpful than you might think. 

Forming a study group helps immensely, as you will be able to discuss your learning difficulties with students facing the same issues. Hiring a private tutor even for 1-2 hours a week may work wonders for the way you approach your algebra learning.

Some FAQs about college algebra

What is college algebra equivalent to?

College algebra gives a quick review of algebra 1 and moves on to algebra 2. It also includes some other advanced topics not present in algebra 2. 

Is algebra 2 college algebra? (College algebra vs. intermediate algebra (algebra 2))

Not exactly, but a significant portion of college algebra is algebra 2.

College algebra CLEP

The College Board offers college algebra under the CLEP program. You can do this course independently, and if you get 50/80 marks, you pass this exam. Having a CLEP college algebra test score may save college tuition fees and many months in college.

College algebra vs. precalculus

College algebra is what remains when you remove trigonometry from the precalculus course.

Is college algebra hard?

In absolute terms, no. It is not hard, but it is perceived hard, first, because of the fast pace. Second, the students taking these courses are generally weak in math (that is why they are redoing a high school math course in college!)

College algebra topics

  • Equations and Inequalities: Linear and rational equations, complex numbers, quadratic equations
  • Functions and Graphs: basics of functions, graph plotting, the concept of slope, composite functions, the inverse of a function, graphing using transformations
  • Polynomial and Rational Functions: definition, their graphs, remainder and factor theorems, roots, inequalities involving polynomial and rational functions, modeling using variations
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions: Exponential functions, their properties, and equations. Logarithmic functions, their properties, and equations, Application to growth and decay problems
  • Systems of Equations and Inequalities: Linear equation systems in 2 and 3 variables, Non-linear equation system in 2 variables, partial fractions, Inequalities, and linear programming
  • Matrices: Solving linear equations using a matrix, Inverse of a matrix, Matrix operations
  • Determinants: Cramer’s rule
  • Conic Sections: Parabola, Ellipse, and Hyperbola
  • Sequences, Induction, and Probability: AP, GP, mathematical induction, Binomial theorem, permutations, and combinations, Probability

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