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Let’s learn more about Political Science

Politics is present everywhere. It impacts all elements of human existence, including what we say and do, where we can live, and even what we can eat, which is why Aristotle referred to it as the “master science.”

The primary topics of discussion at the local, state, national, and international levels are studied in political science. Many political scientists see their work as elaborating the relationships between political circumstances and occurrences. By doing so, they attempt to develop a set of overarching principles that describe how politics functions. 

Throughout millennia, the political structures of human civilization – from authoritarianism to monarchy and democracy – have constantly changed, making it extremely complicated. Thus, making Political Science interdisciplinary since our political system relies on various fields, including sociology, economics, history, anthropology, and public policy, depending on the different regions of the world.

The Scope of Political Science

Political science has a broad range, and scholars have classified it into five sub-disciplines, which are as follows:

  1. Political Theory
  2. Public Administration
  3. Public Law
  4. Comparative Politics
  5. International Relations

It highlights that these subfields encompass the whole spectrum of contemporary political economy and serve as the foundation for research into and comprehension of how the world political economy functions.

One of the significant interests of political scientists is the study of issues related to the allocation, distribution, and transfer of power. Political scientists’ research fields have greatly expanded due to the rapid globalization of political systems.

The Importance of Political Science

By studying Political Science, we know how the political structures and legal framework underpin any operation of commercial activity. The interest shown by individuals throughout the world in learning about other nations’ political systems has increased concurrently with the emergence of globalization. As a result, political scientists gain value and significance since they offer the framework through which we may comprehend the world’s political economy.

Political Science cannot be a stand-alone or isolated discipline, as all social science disciplines aim to provide answers to more general issues about people and the state. Due to their shared interest in understanding how political systems function and how politics and governance are carried out, political science and other sub-disciplines of the social sciences have symbiotic links.

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