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(Note: All data is as of June 30th, 2022)

My Engineering Buddy is an excellent online tutoring and homework help service provider. Students contact us from across the globe, with some countries giving more love than others. Some popular international locations where students contact us are the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Arabian, and the Gulf countries.

Being in the business for more than 15 years, we have seen many ups and downs. However, primarily our students come from the USA and the Gulf over these years.

The USA and Canada (48%)

The USA is one of the, if not “the” most advanced and developed countries in the world. It has an excellent education system in place. Students from various countries take admission in several courses (primarily professional). A significant chunk of international students come from the Arabian/Gulf countries.

Due to huge oil reserves, the USA has excellent ties with the Arabian/gulf countries. The USA and the Gulf countries need a lot of workforce in the oil and gas sector. So not only the USA makes it easy for Arabian students to get admission to their elite colleges, but they also have several colleges run by them like AUM (American university of the middle east) and many more.

Canada is a good ally of the USA, and it is ok to say that for most purposes, Canada and USA are one single country.

My Engineering Buddy has more than half (52% as on 2021) of its students coming from these two international locations.

The Gulf or the Arabian countries (33%)

The remaining 37% of the total students of My Engineering Buddy come from the Gulf/Arabian countries.

Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Jordan are the major countries where we get our students.

Even though Kuwait is a tiny country, it contributes 20% of our revenue. We talked with many students of Kuwait about it, and they say that the Kuwait university professors are very strict and every student struggle, especially in engineering courses. That is why they need so much online tutoring and homework assignment help from us or our competitors.

The UK (8%)

The UK curriculum is quite demanding, and many complex topics the US universities leave out are also taught in the UK. The questions asked in the exam are pretty tough. Owing to these reasons, the average percentage marks in the UK are relatively low. Wherein the USA, you can fail the course if you get below 70%, in the UK you can be a topper if you get above 70%.

Due to such challenging courses and strict exams and marking systems, students need online tutoring and homework help services to aid their learning and education.

My Engineering Buddy gets 8% of its total students from the UK.

The Rest (11%)

Our remaining students come from Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Hongkong, etc., with Australia contributing 5% of total students (per revenue).