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How MEB can help you with LSAT?

If you are looking for private LSAT tutoring, look no further. My Engineering Buddy offers excellent online LSAT tutorials at unbeatable prices. Our experienced tutors have helped students from diverse nationalities and academic backgrounds ace the LSAT test and realize their dream of law school admission.

The students who excel at learning at their own pace in a focused environment gain immensely from the individual tutoring sessions. You can have meaningful interactions with the tutor and clarify your doubts to build confidence and gear up for the test. They can also help you with feedback for practice tests.

Our online LSAT tutors can help you with the following things and more:

  • homework help
  • online tutoring sessions
  • understanding the details of the sections of the LSAT exam.
  • developing problem-solving techniques
  • learn option-elimination methods for better speed and accuracy
  • detailed methodology for different question types
  • time-management techniques
  • organizing a personalized study plan
  • identifying and working on areas of improvement

About LSAT

What is LSAT?

The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is the most widely accepted standardized test for undergraduate law school admissions. The Law School Admission Council (LCAW) designs and administers the test. This not-for-profit organization provides services and products to assist schools and candidates through the law school admission process.

LSAT indicates a candidate’s readiness for law school to the admission decision-makers. By testing reasoning, reading comprehension, and writing skills, LSAT acts as the single-best predictor of a student’s first-year law school performance.

What are the sections in LSAT?

On the whole, the LSAT tests the examinees on long-form written content, scholarly texts’ comprehension, complex logic games’ solutions, and arguments’ resolution. The LSAT exam has five sections that last 35 minutes each. The sections are analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, reading comprehension, writing sample, and experimental. These are some details about each of the sections.

Analytical reasoning

The LSAT analytical reasoning section is unique and challenging. It has four logic games, and each one has four to seven multiple-choice questions. You must closely follow the guidelines applicable for each of the logic games. You will evaluate a situation and respond by finding the relative positions of objects, contrast or compare things like a series of numbers or evaluate actions and consequent reactions.

Analytical reasoning is one of the most vital skills for litigators and attorneys. The logic games in the test assess your ability to determine how rules impact relationships, outcomes, and conclusions. You can familiarize yourself with how these questions lay out ideas and arrive at the expected responses with regular practice. The section has a time limit of 35 minutes.

Logical reasoning

Logical reasoning tests your ability to decipher the central message of an argument. You shall figure out the relevant information, abstract concepts, and the main points in the text. The text covers a wide variety of subject matter. The questions test you on your interpretation and analysis skills of the most relevant concepts in the passage of writing.

You shall critique the argument, notice the assumptions and find any logical errors in the text question when reading through a scenario or a narrative. It is especially challenging as there is no fixed pattern to the passages, and there isn’t much time to solve the questions.

Reading comprehension

It is an English skill-based exercise in which you shall find information, draw inferences, solidify main ideas, and finally draw conclusions. The questions are anything but straightforward. To do well, you must quickly understand the context to locate paradoxes, fallacies, and contextual clues and answer questions.

The LSAT demands a deeper understanding of the written text than other tests like SAT, and it is a test of much more insight than what is evident in the passage.

LSAT experimental section

This 35-minute unscored section is an extra section of either reading comprehension, logic games, or logical reasoning. You will not be able to identify this section from other sections.

LSAT writing sample

This is also an unscored section lasting 35 minutes. Even unscored, it is important and relevant for law schools. Your writing sample is, along with your test score, submitted to law schools. It impacts the admissions, so you shall do well on it to increase your chances of a favorable result.

How much does LSAT tutoring cost?

Like with most standardized test preparation coaching, the cost can vary a lot depending on the tutor’s location and reputation or the tutoring company. The fee per hour for individual 1:1 lessons can exceed $100/hour. At My Engineering Buddy, we make quality education accessible to everyone at affordable prices. Our online tutoring fees start from $9 for a trial session and go as low as $20/hour if you book a package for 10 hours or longer. You can find more details here.

Where to find LSAT test information?

The LSAT page on the official Law School Admission Council website has up-to-date information about test dates, fees, preparation resources, and the scoring system. The LSAC website also has information to help you choose law schools and apply to them.

LSAT prep resources

Here is a list of some useful resources for LSAT:

  • 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests. Publisher – Law School Admission Council
  • The PowerScore LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible by David M. Killoran, Jon M. Denning. Publisher ‏- PowerScore Publishing
  • The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible (Powerscore LSAT Bible) by David M. Killoran. Publisher ‏- PowerScore Publishing
  • The PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible by David M. Killoran. Publisher ‏- PowerScore Publishing
  • LSAT Prep Book – LSAT Secrets Study Guide, 3 Full-Length Practice Tests Including Logic Games, Analytical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension, Detailed Answer Explanations by Matthew Bowling. Publisher ‏- Mometrix Media LLC
  • LSAT Prep – Study Guide with Real Practice Exams and Answer Explanations for All Concepts on the Law School Admission Test by Elissa Simon. Publisher – Trivium Test Prep

Khan Academy is an official partner of the LSAC for helping students prepare for LSAT by providing timed practice tests, interactive lessons, tips, strategies, and more.

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Got some good LSAT tutoring help from MEB

I learned valuable logical reasoning tips and tricks from a very good LSAT tutor at MEB. It helped build my confidence, and I scored top marks in the LSAT exam. Many thanks!

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I took My Engineering Buddy’s help for improving my grasp of the analytical reasoning and logical reasoning sections of the LSAT test. Their tutors were very knowledgeable, and I was immensely satisfied with my test preparation.

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Even after taking help from LSAT tutors near me, I had continued to struggle with the reading comprehension questions. I finally found a great tutor from the MEB website. It helped me tackle the exam very well.

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