In this article, we will discuss the top reasons behind the popularity of online tutoring. We will dive deep into the advantages of Online tutoring and try to understand why it is becoming more and more popular.

No travel needed:

Literally! You don’t need to move even an inch. It would help if you had a laptop, iPad, and a stable and robust internet connection to start the tutoring. As you don’t need to travel you save time in commuting, and hence you get more time for your studies. Lesser distraction means more learning.

Access to the best tutors:

Imagine a situation 20 years back when the internet was not so prevalent. Back then, if you wanted to learn from a Harvard graduate student, it was impossible. Because of that, you need to go and meet him personally. If you were in a different city, you first needed to move to that city and take a house for rent somewhere close by. Fast forward 20 years, and now you can call him on WhatsApp and fix an appointment. Open your laptop or tab and start learning. You do not need to go anywhere and no need to waste time and money traveling and taking a house for rent.

Tutoring on the go:

Online tutoring is popular because it is still possible even if traveling is restricted (for example, during the Covid-19 lockdowns and travel bans). No physical contact is needed, which is an advantage under a pandemic like Covid-19. Students can move from one place to another, and still, their studies are not affected. If the student shifts from one place to another, he also does not need to change his tutor. So a long association with the same tutor is possible. Great for suburban areas and villages where access to good education and good tutors is absent.


The same tutor charges less for online tutoring as his cost of travel and travel time is lesser. If you are unsatisfied with this lower price, you can hire tutors from parts of the world where the teaching fees are much cheaper.

In fact, the cost of education specially in the Ivy League universities has gone so high that taking education loans is the only option for a majority of students. They have become like modelling agencies, as Malcom Gladwell points out in this video.

Transcends geographical limitations:

Gone are the days when people complained about the unavailability of good tutors in their area. There is a vast amount of information available on the internet; you can learn almost anything at your own pace and preferred time. You can be sitting in the countryside and still get connected to a Ph.D. in Physics to tutor your physics online. If you don’t like the fees, then you can find someone from a lower income group of countries to teach you. Getting knowledge has never been so easy. All the tutors in this world can teach you, provided you are ready to learn.

Good for the environment:

Less travel needed. Lesser carbon emission and hence lower pollution. Lesser vehicles on the road and therefore a more clean and peaceful world.

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