Online tutoring has many advantages but there are many disadvantages as well. In this blog post we have identified top 7 challenges that online tutoring faces.

Online tutoring involved technologies like Whiteboard, Video, Audio, Device, Internet etc. These Technologies are not matures enough, and it’s still evolving. One prominent disadvantage is the technology used which sometimes slows down the tempo of teaching. Technology, at times, does not work as intended. Also, there is a fair bit of time involved to get used to the new tools. These tools are essential for delivering and receiving online tutoring sessions. Sometimes the internet or wifi issue occurs, and we lose the connection. At some other time, the server gives problems. Video and audio do not work at times. Sometimes the site itself is down. This kind of connectivity issue is non-existent in traditional face-to-face tutoring sessions.

Non-acceptance among non-tech-savvy people:

People are not ready to accept that online teaching is as effective as face-to-face tutoring (If not more!). Although the percentage of such people is not very high, it’s significant. It usually takes time to get used to something new, and not everyone is ready to explore new things in their life.

Issue of monitoring and controlling the students:

Teachers can’t monitor if the student is paying attention or not, especially in a group tutoring session. The tutor can not see the body language of their students in an online tutoring session. Although it’s not impossible for a large group, it’s not practical to monitor every student. Due to this, the teacher is not able to control the students.

A disconnect between tutor and student:

Students cannot see the entire body language of the teacher. A connection between the teacher and student can not form due to it. Consequently, there is a negative impact on learning because of this. So the feedback is not good, and the teacher. They are not able to adjust as per the student’s requirements. Unless the student is ready to learn and has

Validity and acceptance of certification:

Is a degree more important than education for you? If yes, then online tutoring has got no scope for you. Online tutoring does not give any certification. The only thing that you can get out of this is knowledge. If you want a certificate, then you must enroll yourself in a school or college.

Different colleges and schools have diverse curriculum:

Every school and college follows a different syllabus, even for the same subject. So every student comes up with various requirements, and the tutor needs to adjust to this. It’s the biggest challenge of online tutoring. Tutors find it challenging to adapt to the needs of every student as the syllabus. The only solution to the problem is that the student needs to understand that the tutor will understand his requirements. He must be patient for a few sessions. Only after that can it build a good rapport between the student and the tutor.

People are spoilt for choice and keep trying different tutors:

This makes any meaningful learning impossible. Actual knowledge is possible only when a student sticks with the same tutor for a more extended period. This way, the tutor starts understanding the requirements of the student better. It makes the sessions more productive and more efficient. The first few sessions get lost in understanding students’ requirements unless it is homework help. The tutor needs to solve only the questions students ask.

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