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How TeacherOn works?

TeacherOn is a website that connects tutors and students for thousands of subjects. You can find a tutor for almost every subject. When I

List of Top Online Tutoring Websites

List of Top Online tutoring Websites Introduction In the past few years, online tutoring services have become hugely popular. It has never been so

Angular Momentum

[latexpage] What is Angular Momentum? Angular momentum is the moment of linear momentum of a body with respect to an axis of rotation. Angular momentum


[latexpage]   What is  Torque? Definition Torque is the turning effect of force about a fixed point. It is also called the Moment of force. Unit


[latexpage] In this article, we will learn about collisions in detail. We will start with what collisions are and then move on to their types

List of Top Homework Help Websites

List of Top Homework Help Websites: Introduction Homework is a necessary evil every student must deal with during their academic journey. There are many companies

Physics of Projectile Motion

When we throw an object high up in the air, the object is called a projectile, and the path it follows is called its trajectory.

Conversion of Units

[latexpage]   What is a conversion of units? Conversion of units is the conversion between different units of measurements for the same physical quantity primarily

Kinematics equations

[latexpage] What is kinematics Before we study kinematics equations, it is a good idea to understand what Kinematics is. When we observe nature, we see

Circular Motion

The animation below shows an object moving at a constant speed on a circular path. It is an example of Uniform Circular Motion as the

Work Done in Physics

[latexpage] What is Work Done in Physics? Work done in Physics is entirely different from our usual understanding of day-to-day work like working in an

How to find mean in statistics?

In this article, we will learn how to find Mean in Statistics. We will also use some easy examples to show you the math. Before

How to find Median in Statistics

First, what is Median in Statistics? In this article, we will learn how to find Median in Statistics. Before that let us have a look

How to Find Mode in Statistics

What is mode in Statistics? Mode is the data point that appears the maximum number of times in a data distribution. These numbers either belong

Mean free path in Chemistry

It is the average distance an object will go between collisions. The total distance a particle, such as a molecule in a gas, will travel

Relative motion in Physics

[latexpage] Relative motion in Physics is a vital concept that students must master. In this article, we will learn what relative velocity is and how

Vectors in Physics

[latexpage] Vectors are part of everyday life. When any person gives you directions, he may say something like; the school is 3 km that way

Number types in Math

There are various number types that we deal with in math, specially in algebra: Natural Numbers those we got introduced to while learning counting as

Significant figures

On the Significance of Significant Figures In Mathematics, we do our calculations using some numbers, and the result is another number. In Physics, Chemistry,

Why is Physics so hard?

Physics is one of the most dreaded subjects students encounter in their academic lives. In this blog, I will discuss why physics is so hard

College Application Essay

What is a college application/admission essay? An application or admission essay is a written piece by the applicant, usually in the form of an essay.

Transition Words

An essay or any text consists of individual smaller pieces of information composed together to form a bigger piece of information. Transition words make an

Flying Spiders! (Physics behind it)

Can Spiders fly? Are flying spiders real? What is the ballooning of spiders? If someone tells you that spiders also fly, you will probably think

How does a Fuse Work?

A Fuse is an integral part of any circuit. Even the most basic electrical and electronic circuits uses Fuses. So why do we use fuses

Mass Spectrometry

This article will see how mass spectrometry works and how the force equation F=qVXB can answer the question. What is Mass Spectrometry? Mass spectrometry Definition It a

Why statistics important?

Why statistics important and why we should study it? Statistics is one of the most commonly used tools in everyday life. It is a tool

How to learn Physics? (fast and easy)

The subject that students struggle with the most is Physics. What exactly is the reason behind it? And more importantly: How to learn physics fast

US education system ( An overview)

The United States education system boasts of a decentralized structure. It grants educational decision-making autonomy to the local authorities and states. It also empowers individual

AP Physics 2 tutor

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Chemistry topics

Chemistry is often called the central science. It is a subject chiefly concerned with atomic and molecular structure and its change through chemical reactions. It

Engineering Statics (Mechanics-1) topics

Engineering Statics or mechanics 1 is the most basic course in mechanical engineering and Structural engineering (in Civil engineering). It is the foundation on which

Top 7 challenges of Online tutoring

Online tutoring has many advantages but there are many disadvantages as well. In this blog post we have identified top 7 challenges that online tutoring

AP Physics 1 tutor

AP Physics 1 tutor is just a click away now. Our online physics tutors can provide AP physics 1 tutoring sessions for AP. AP